Illustrated Harry Potter

 Illustration by Jim Kay © 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Illustration by Jim Kay © 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

It seems that Harry Potter will never go out of style at the library. Each generation produces a new group of readers, and along with the movies, they are constantly in circulation. It’s about to get exciting again.

Scholastic will release a fully illustrated version of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE on October 6, 2015, will illustrations by Kate Greenaway Medal winner, Jim Kay. And just this week, the publishing house released several of the illustrations as a teaser. The one above is Hogwarts, of course.  You can see the full images here.

Scholastic plans on releasing each book in the series in an illustrated version, one per year. If the rest of the illustrations are as gorgeous as these, you might want to invest in collecting the whole series again. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did.


It’s Been Over a Decade!


Although it’s been more than a dozen years since HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE  hit theatres, we’re about to get three more movies in the HP series! These ones will be based on FANTASTIC BEASTS & WHERE TO FIND THEM, the most famous Hogwarts textbook.  J. K. Rowling is now writing the scripts for the three movies (at least three), and they will take place about seven years before Harry and his friends even go to Hogwarts. So, don’t expect to see your favourite characters to return, but maybe there will be plenty of new characters for you to love!

Harry Potter fans around the world are gearing up for this. I’m sure we can expect a whole new generation of fans, not only of the movies, but a renewed interest in the books.

Frozen Butterbeer, Here I Come!


One of the most fascinating things to me about the Harry Potter world is the food. From the Chocolate frogs, to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, to pumpkin juice, the food is creative and inspired. But it’s the Butterbeer that fascinates me most. Just what is this stuff made of and how can kids drink it? And more importantly, where can I get my hands on some?

Alicia from the Jaybird Blog has re-created a version of Butterbeer that you can make at home right now.  And being summer, it’s frozen! Mmmm!!  Alicia makes all kinds of great DIY literary versions of food, so you should plan to spend a little bit of time there to see what else she’s done!

If you’d like the recipe, drop by Sarah’s blog to see the photos and find out what you need to make this cool summer drink.


J.K. Rowling Up To It Again!

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard of J. K. Rowling’s surprise “secret” book!  After the Harry Potter series, expectations were so high for another book, that it was almost impossible for her to publish anything that would live up to the series. 

Casual Vacancy

THE CASUAL VACANCY got mediocre reviews at best, even though it probably would have done quite well if an “unknown” author had published it.  So, what did she decide to try? Writing a book under a pseudonym so there was no pressure.

THE CUCKOO’S CALLING is a crime novel published under the name of  Robert Galbraith. Rowling has said she enjoyed being able to sit back and read the reviews and listen to the praise without all of the stigma that went with VACANCY. And while she was happy to keep the secret under wraps, it was a stealthy reviewer who put the information together (Rowling’s editor and publisher were the same for Galbraith0’s book), and decided it was too much of a coincidence.

You can read more about the book and Rowling’s reaction right here.  And if you’d like to read the book, we have a copy in the library already. Drop by to put your name on the waiting list!


Authors Write



J.K. Rowling’s handwritten notes for her Harry Potter book (via Bookninja)

The books we read don’t start out that way. Usually, an author will go through a great deal of revision before getting to the final product.  But just how they outline their books or work on revision is different for every author.  Take a look at this great article on famous authors and their handwritten notes for books that became classics.  It’s amazing!

What is Pottermore?

Just what does it mean???  Earlier this week, Harry Potter author extraordinaire revealed a link to a secret website, simply entitled Pottermore. One look at the webpage and it makes one wonder if there’s more Harry Potter on the way, or if this is just a bit of marketing as the last Harry Potter movie comes out on July 15th. However, the website is very un-harrypotterish, in my opinion…the background in deep fuschia and the font quite unusual for anything we’ve seen of the wizard boy before.  So just what is it?

Rowling claims this is not a new book announcement, but says it will be something just as exciting.  As a teaser this week, ten letters were hidden throughout various Harry Potter websites and led to the Pootermore site eventually.  Fans were busy searching for hours until they finally came to the right spot.  You can see all of the sites and follow the clues yourself by visiting here.  You need to take the secret co-ordinates that you find at each site and then enter them at this website called Secret Street View.  If nothing else, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, the websites listed have GREAT information on them to keep even the most well-versed fan interested for some time. In particular, check out the Daily Prophet site.

Along with Pottermore, Rowling opened a new twitter account that will add details as they come.  Speculation is running wild as to what the site is all about, but only Rowling herself can answer that at the moment.  Stay tuned!