Wizards Unite!

Late last month, the creators of Pokemon Go released a new augmented reality game for Harry Potter fans called “Harry Potter : Wizards Unite”. With the combination of Google mapping and augmented reality, players will see Harry Potter characters “appear” in the real world around them as they play the role of a new recruit in the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to help solve a mystery.

It has now launched in the US and Canada to lots of great reviews. Pokemon Go was such a hit when it released in 2016 because it allowed people to walk around their communities, meet other people playing the game, and enjoy the outdoors. WB Games is hoping this game will become just a popular. Our summer students downloaded it recently and have been playing ever since. They’re hoping more Harry Potter fans will get on board and join in the fun. What a great summer activity!

Rewriting Harry Potter

Ask any Harry Potter fan if they would change anything about the books, and the answer would probably be no. Except for the injustice dealing with Hedwig and a spell gone awry. Even author J.K. Rowling said it made her feel terrible.

Recently, a fan posted a “re-write” of the scene on Twitter, and it’s taken over the internet. Steve Spielman said that many of his friends mentioned they change the story at that point when reading it to their children, so he wondered what would happen if that little section was changed outright.

You can see his post and the changes in this great Buzzfeed post. Trust me, it’s wonderful.

Harry Potter, House Editions

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the latest editions are going to get your heart racing! All you need to know is which house you belong to!

That’s right, the newest editions are going to be House-Specific. They’ll have colour-specific covers, with the house crests, which will be explained inside! So far, it looks like it’s just Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which is going to be released this way, but no doubt the entire series will get the treatment eventually. For true Harry Potter fans, these will be definitely be added to a current collection!

Will you buy one?

What Happens After?

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the characters in J.K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER series after the series ended, you’re not alone. We lived with them through so many pages that we feel like they’re real people, and real people keep on living, right?

Thankfully, over the years, J. K. Rowling has given us little hints as to how she envisioned the characters to age. And just the other day, we came across a great compilation of all of her answers. If you’re a fan, take some time to read through “28 Things that Happened after the Harry Potter Books ended”.


It Was Only a Matter of Time

Pottery Barn Teen has launched a Harry Potter inspired home decor collection, specifically aimed at the young readers who have devoured the books for the last decade.

Not only can you purchase items based on each house, but there are more “general” Potterish items, such as beds and desks. The collection is actually quite imaginative and very complete, but I would think some of these things look especially inviting in the photos mainly because the architecture of the rooms is similar to the movies, and what you would imagine in the books. It might not give the same effect in white-walled rooms.

But, if you have a Potter fan at home, no doubt that won’t even be a consideration. When you consider that a backpack here sells for $80 US, it would be wise to select carefully. Not all of us have a Gringott’s to help us out.