Halloween Craft Night

Picture 224

Shrunken Head Necklaces

Last night was Halloween Craft Night at the library and although we only had eight kids remember to show up, we still had a very spooky time!  There were lots of fun crafts, scary ghost stories, music, games and of course, candy.  Everyone went home with bloodshot eyeglasses, a shrunken head necklace and an origami Dracula.

Picture 220The door to our crafting fun!

Picture 222Bloodshot eyeglasses

Picture 226Treat boxes

Picture 240Our Spooky Group!

Our next craft night will be coming up in December, so watch here for an announcement or visit the library.  Registration is required for these events and they usually fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate!


I’m working on a house

Halloween Craft Night preparations for me have to begin sometime in August or early September.  Not only do I need to prepare several different crafts for the kids to do on that special craft night, but I also like to have a few games, some puzzles and treats to take home.  This year, I have already started making shrunken heads that we’ll decorate with hair and make into necklaces, but this year, I decided to try my hand at a few paper decorations as well.

I came across a wonderful, creepy site full of paper crafts just for Halloween called RavensBlight and decided to make the ghost house and cemetery.  All of their crafts are free, and you just download the pieces and instructions and most can be made with simple glue and scissors.  My co-workers have been laughing at me for weeks as I have been putting the ghost house together little by little when I get a few minutes.  Twenty-two pages of pieces and several pages of detailed instructions have left me talking to myself on a number of occasions.  But the results have been great! Take a look at my totally paper ghost house:

Picture 176

Picture 177

Picture 178

Picture 179

Picture 180So have some fun and download a few of the paper crafts and get ready for the ghosts and goblins next month.  You’ll be amazed what you can do with a pair of scissors!


Last night was Halloween craft night at the library and we had lots of kids in to participate.  We had a lot of fun making spooky Halloween cards, witch’s brooms, caskets with glow-in-the-dark skeletons and witch doctor necklaces.

Our night was just a bit of fun. Everyone took home a few things they’d made and a bag of candy along with some good memories, I hope.  If you’d like to know more about the history of Halloween and the folklore behind it, you should visit this great site.  Have a spooooky rest of the week!



I am planning my Halloween Craft Night for the library, which will take place on Tuesday, October 28th from 7 – 8pm.  It is already fully booked and I’m sure all of the 7-12 year olds who have signed up are looking forward to some spooky fun that night.  While researching some crazy crafts, I came up with this idea to make Witch Doctor necklaces.  They require small bones that I am going to make out of clay and then punch a hole through, and then we’ll lace these through string with other beads so that the kids each have something to wear home.  Last year, we made eyeball hats, so you get the idea.

Watch for some fun pictures here after our spooky craft night!