Have you kept your resolution?

January is the time most of us make resolutions, and for many, that might mean trying to quit smoking.  It’s a difficult thing to do, if you ask anyone who has tried, and requires help. That could include medicated gum, such as Nicorette.  And it seems that one man was so proud of his decision to quit that he kept every piece of gum he chewed and made it into a wonderful medicated ball of chewed gum. Yum.

Barry Chappell, a man from California who decided to quit smoking 15 years ago, ran into a problem at an airport. He had no place to dispose of his chewed gum, so he rolled it into a ball and saved it to throw out later.  But in the meantime, he had an epiphany!  Why not keep the gum???  Yes.  Why not?? (This story gets weirder by the second.  I warn you.) 

So, he brought the gum home, but by then it was dry and hard.  What’s a man to do with his dry used gum now? Take it to your home sauna, of course! The heat and moisture in the sauna softens the gum so that he can mold it into strings and press it into a ball.  Then, he takes a hairdryer (no lying) and heats up those strings until he can press the gum flat and smooth, to make the ball pretty, I imagine.

After years of doing this, he has probably the biggest used medicated gumball in the world. Lucky him!

Now, I don’t suggest doing this as a way to document your own success with quitting smoking, but if you’re interested, we have lots of Guinness Book of World Record books here at the library.  Maybe they’ll inspire you to work your way onto their pages.

Of course, we also have some interesting books to help you quit smoking….like…..

Just a bit of inspiration for your mid-week blues!