Once again, it’s time for the top words of the year. 2010 was another year full of brand new words and words we’ve just never heard of before. Politics and environmental disasters generated quite a few of these words, but they’re still being used in conversation.

Here is a sampling of some of the top words used in 2010:

Spillcam — the underwater camera used to monitor the oil spill

Refudiate — “refute” + “repudiate” — a word coined by the ever interesting Sarah Palin

Guido — from the popular tv show Jersey Shore

Snowmageddon — after the record snowfall in the US and Europe last winter

Vuvuzela — the horns used in the World Cup Soccer stands

As expected, “twitter”, “H1N1”  and “Obama” were also top contenders.  You can see the whole list and more on language used around the globe at the Global Language Monitor.  There’s also lots of fascinating information on words in general so look around the site.  Maybe you’ll find a word you can start using in everyday conversation.  Go ahead, start a trend!