Super Conference 2012!

Shirley and Janet are on their way to Toronto today to take part in the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2012!! 

It’ll be close to four days of workshops, speakers, browsing at the Expo, special events and probably lots of fun in between.  It’s a wonderful place for librarians from all over Ontario to gather, compare and learn about other libraries, find out what’s new in software and library programs and even make some new friends.  You can’t imagine what thousands of librarians in one place looks like until you attend one of these conferences. (And let me say, it’s far from a sea of buns, glasses and quiet corners!!  Picture wacky outfits, lots of crazy antics and much, much more.  These librarians know how to let loose!)

This year, there are some wonderful speakers and I know each presentation will be well attended. There’s the ultimate librarian’s heroine herself, Nancy Pearl,

….a presentation by George Strombolopolous (we went to a taping of his show last year and he was fabulous!)…..

…..and even a presentation by Neil Pasricha, the author of The Book of Awesome…which is, of course, awesome!

I don’t know which workshops Janet and Shirley will be attending, but I know they’ll come away with lots of fresh and exciting information to help make your library experience even better in the future. Stop by the Super Conference 2012 website to learn more about this event.  They’ll even have some live updates so those of us at home can see all the excitement. Have fun, ladies!


What was on the bestseller list way back then?

(This was to be posted last Wednesday.  Stay tuned for a post tomorrow with all the exciting Super Conference details!)

Janet and I are off to Toronto for a few days to attend Super Conference 2011,  put together by the Ontario Library Association.  You can see what’s on the agenda for those four days, and hopefully, I’ll have lots of interesting things to blog about when we get back. We’re also excited about attending The Hour with George Strombolopolous tonight, so watch at 11pm to (hopefully) see us in the audience.


In the meantime, I’m leaving you this week with a fun website link that allows you to enter in your birthday and see a list of books that were bestsellers on the day you were born!  I have to admit that I haven’t read any of the books from my birthdate, but I have heard of a few of them at least. What’s on your list?