She is fearless!

We like to have fun at the library. And a big part of that has been our summer student, Emma, and her creative talents that keep our young patrons happy and coming back for programs. So this week, we thought we’d challenge her to a little bit of crazy we’re calling the first ever “Carleton Place Public Library Great Scavenger Hunt for Emma!” 

She has a list of items to try to complete this week, and so far, she’s done such an amazing job, I’m wondering why we haven’t done this in the past!

First up this week, she created a Twitter account for a sparkly stapler that gets a lot of attention at the library. If you tweet, give it a follow. It’ll be fun, I’m sure!


Next, she was challenged to create a stained glass window craft (because she’s so crafty with the kids!), that featured a character either from THE LORD OF THE RINGS, or ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  We came into work and found this lovely taped to the window!


But the topper on Monday was her challenge to drive through the local Tim Hortons to pick up some timbits for the library. Sounds easy, right?  Not even close!  Her challenge was to order in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, and she’d get bonus points if it rhymed. She even managed to get her brother to help, giving him the cinematography credit on this great video. Check out this great link to watch the video, and be ready to laugh!

It’s going to be a fun week. Keep an eye on our Facebook page if you want to see more!



It’s finished!

All summer long, the children in our TD Summer Reading program have been helping to build a giant 900 piece puzzle.  They didn’t know what they were building, only that it was going to be something funny because the theme of the program was “Laugh Out Loud”.  As the summer went along, for every three books that a child read, they received one piece to put on the puzzle. As you can imagine, it took quite some time for each part of the puzzle to appear.  They did pretty well, though. You can see the progress right from the start in our link on the right of this page called “Giant Summer Puzzle”.  We had to finish the reading program on Friday, so we also filled in the remaining pieces of the puzzle and wanted to show everyone the final product.

We sure had a good time making this puzzle, right from the first idea through to the end.  We wanted something funny, and what is funnier than laughing at ourselves?  The pictures of each of us are pretty accurate (although we’re all much more attractive in person, of course!). I hope that you get a laugh out of this as well.  It was all in good fun and we’d do it again in a second (even though we had glitches along the way).  Thanks to all our readers who helped us to build our creation this summer!  We hope you “laughed out loud” a few times along with us!

How much do you know about the world?

We all know a little about the world, but how much can you identify on a globe? Visit this interesting site to test your geography knowledge . There are fun quizzes about the earth and you can choose from many different topics.

If you need a few refreshers, there are some interesting books in our library on the subject of geography.

Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest by Steve Jenkins

Earth From Above for Young Readers by Yann Arthus-Bertrand