Selling Your House?

For our Frivolous Friday post, we’re going to talk about real estate. Okay, we’re not really going to discuss it at all, but rather, I’m going to share a site with you that should make you appreciate any real estate agent you hire in the future. Unless you hire one of these.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos is a compilation of the absolute worst (and funniest) photos taken in order to try to sell property. 

tumblr_n5f60vTPPx1rrqskho1_500Yes, they actually posted the photo upside down. After posting the photo sideways. Then, they gave up.

tumblr_n4e5dyKhwo1rrqskho1_500And this one was deemed acceptable to post. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to purchase this house?

Take some time to look through the posts.  They’re hilarious, and you might want to follow them on Twitter so you never miss one again! Happy House Hunting!


Bathroom Fun!

It’s Frivolous Friday again, and I have something very frivolous for you today! (Or maybe this will change your life….who knows?)



If you don’t have enough to keep you busy, I’ve got the perfect solution…towel origami!  Surprise your family or guests with wild creations made out of your everyday towels! It might be a great way to coax those little ones into the bath each night, if nothing else.

We don’t own this book at the library, but we’d love to order it in for you on interlibrary loan if you’d like to give it a try. Just drop in and we’ll get the order started!


What do YOU eat?

For our Frivolous Friday post, I came across a fascinating article about what people around the world eat each day. Photojournalist Pete Menzel and author Faith D’Aluisio have documented the photos and information into a new book called WHAT I EAT: AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DIETS.


Not only is the calorie count amazing for some people, but you get a glimpse at what other foods people eat each day. Take a good look. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was! You can read the article and see many of the photos right here!


Stamp Yo Face

It’s Frivolous Friday again, and my friend Larry over at the Fire Wire had a fantastic and frivolous-worthy idea…a new site called “Stamp Yo Face“! We were just talking this week about ways to make your own fun stamps, but this is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Why not have a stamp of your own face made?!


I’m trying to think up a great reason to get one of these made. It could be fun for weddings, or a very special birthday party (can’t you imagine seeing a face on your envelope?). I don’t think I can afford to have one made for myself on a whim, but there MUST be a great person in your life you could envision needing one of these. Go ahead…Stamp yo Face!


For our Frivolous Friday post, if you’ve ever wasted precious minutes looking at Grumpy Cat on the internet:


…you might like a few new outlets for your visual interests. But you could spend a lot of time following links on Facebook, running through Tumblr feeds and flipping through Instagram posts to find the best images on the web right now. So when I came across Oublio, I was hooked! It organizes the most popular images on the web right now into one easy format. Just click the type of social media you’re most interested in, and up pops the image receiving the most views at any particular moment.

Keep in mind, sometimes the images are not for everyone, but they change often. And usually, they’re really fascinating! So, if you have a minute to pop to the site, that’s all it takes.  You’ll definitely want to bookmark this page to come back to later. It’ll be your new instant web crush!

It’s Frivolous Friday again!

For our Frivolous Friday post this week, I found something very un-frivolous…..beautiful places to read! We all have that special place we like to sit and read, whether it’s a cozy coffee shop, a little reading nook in our living room or tucked up in bed each night. But there are wonderful places to read all over the world, special little individual spaces in bookshops, and gorgeous reading rooms in libraries. Take a look through the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Read Books and pick your favourite. I think I adore the New York Public Library’s reading room the most.

newyorkNew York Public Library