And the winners are…

Forest of Reading® was another successful program this year for all our young participants.  While we finished up all our reading and voting at the end of April, the official winners weren’t announced until just this week!

So which books won?

Blue Spruce Official Winner 2012– GIRAFFE & BIRD by Rebecca Bender


Silver Birch Express Official Winner 2012 — WHEN APPLES GREW NOSES and WHITE HORSES FLEW : Tales of Ti-Jean by Jan Andrews


Silver Birch Fiction Official Winner 2012 — UNDERGROUNDERS by David Skuy

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Official Winner 2012 — DON’T TOUCH THAT TOAD & OTHER STRANGE THINGS ADULTS TELL YOU by Catherine Rondina



What do we do with the books?

Now that Forest of Reading® is over again for another year, we’re getting all the books back and trying to get organized. It’s a big process, considering we purchase up to three copies of each book for the program.  That means, when it’s all over, we’ll have to take those books off our system (no need to have three copies of one book). So what do we do with those discarded books? Not to worry, they don’t go to waste.

Our leftovers from 2012

We usually donate a box of books to at least one school library, for starters.  It’s a great way to reward the readers of that school for doing such a great job in participating, and it helps provide a few new books in great condition to school libraries which might not have a huge budget for books. We also keep a nice stack to use as prizes for the kids next year. Everyone who reads enough books is allowed to vote, so we give them a little reward, which includes these books. We like to think of it as recycling.

So, no worries. The books don’t go to waste and we don’t end up selling them, if we can help it. It’s just one way to keep our book collection organized and useful!

They came, they voted, they ate cake!

Last night was our Forest of Reading® voting night at the library and what an exciting night it was! We had plenty of voters this year, many who had read all 10 books in their category. They registered with Janet, who handed out the ballots and then the kids went into the voting booths and made their decisions.

There were plenty of tough choices for the kids. For some, it was down to the wire on which books they’d choose as their favourites. But after much thought, the winners in our library were as follows:

Blue Spruce – A Flock of Shoes

Silver Birch Express – Banjo of Destiny

Silver Birch Fiction –  That Boy Red

Silver Birch Non-Fiction – Don’t Touch That Toad

Everyone had a great time after the vote, eating cake and looking at their prizes.

Now, we’ll send our tabulations to Toronto, where they’ll be added to those of all the other participating libraries and schools. We’ll wait for the official announcement after May 15th and then let all our readers know which books won. It’s always exciting to see if our readers pick the same winners.

Thanks to Janet for all her voting help and a BIG thanks to everyone who read books this year and came to vote. Great job everyone!

Get ready to vote!

Forest of Reading® voting night is almost here! We’ve got all the ballots, pencils and voting booths ready for the big night, which is THURSDAY, APRIL 26th from 6-7pm. (That’s THIS Thursday, for anyone who isn’t sure.)

This year, we tried a different category….The Blue Spruce™ Award for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  And what a success! We have almost 17 voters who read all 10 books in this category, which is our best showing ever! (And we may even have more by Thursday night.)

If you’ve read enough books to vote (we expect voters to have 8 books finished), don’t forget, voting starts at 6pm and then we’ll get right into the party! Yes, there will be cake! If your name isn’t on  our list, check with one of us at the front desk. We’ll sort it out!

Until Thursday…..keep reading!

Forest of Reading®

It’s almost here! Forest of Reading® voting night! Everyone who registered for the program is welcome to come to the party, but only those who have read at least 8 books in their category can vote.

So far, we have twenty kids who are eligible to vote in a variety of categories. We’ll have a special voting booth, secret ballots and then we’ll wait for the votes to be tallied up. By the end of the evening, we’ll know exactly which books our readers voted for. Then, we’ll ship off our list of winners and they’ll be added to the winners from other libraries and schools across Ontario.  It’s going to be a fun evening.  We’ll have cake, prizes and take lots of pictures.

If you’re not sure if your young reader can vote, drop by the library to see if they’re on our list. (Don’t forget, the only way we’ll know if they qualify to vote is if they’ve been checking off their books in the binder. If not, come in before next week and we’ll sort it out.  Otherwise, they might miss out!)

See you next Thursday, April 26 from 6 – 7 pm!!