It’s Flower Time!

We might just be seeing the first of the tulips (and LOTS of dandelions), but eventually, the world will be full of wild flowers, and flowers in our gardens. While it’s easy to pick flowers and put them in a vase, haven’t you always wondered how they make those gorgeous “casual” looking floral arrangements you see in the all the decorating magazines. Usually, the flowers aren’t even the focal point of the room! But they should be.

We recently added FORAGED FLOWER ARRANGING by Rebecca Clark Moody to our collection. Inside, she walks you step-by-step through creating beautiful arrangements using plants you can find on a walk, or in your garden. Now you won’t have any excuse for a simple bunch of cut lilacs.  Get out that white sheet background and prepare to stun Instagram with your new skill!

You can drop in to see if the book is available, or place a hold on our library catalog and receive a notification when it becomes available.


It’s a Gold Medal Win!

What a wonderful surprise for our own Agent G! After entering his photo in a Blossom Shop Facebook contest to celebrate the Olympics, he found out that he was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous Olympic-inspired flower arrangement!  How lucky!

The flowers arrived Tuesday afternoon and Agent G. was the lucky one again to have his photo taken with one of the lovely Blossom Shop ladies.

The flowers are gorgeous, all the colours of the Olympic rings and so cheery and celebratory!! What a wonderful thing to cheer Agent G. up today (he’s starting to feel a little blue now that the summer is wrapping up and he’ll be leaving).

But it’s been a fantastic summer and he promises you’ll see him at the next Olympics, doing what else? Trampoline! Thanks again to everyone at The Blossom Shop for their wonderful and generous gift.  Everyone at the library appreciated it! Especially Agent G.!