Experiments in storytelling

The web is an interesting place and you’ve probably noticed more interaction between sites in the last few years.  Everyone has a blog, some people have websites and now everyone twitters and uses Facebook.  It’s easy to connect all of these resources so that they appear as one connected whole and anyone who visits your area has access to your life in a number of ways. So, with this in mind, someone has come up with the concept of linking stories with pictures.

FlickrPoet is an interesting idea.  You enter in lines from a poem, or story and it will link pictures with your words, creating a brand new piece of media.  The pictures don’t seem to always represent the word (for example, I tried something with the word “snow” and the picture used for that word was actually a baseball, so I’m not sure of the reasoning behind it), but the overall representation looks quite nice.  Here is an example of the first paragraph of a story I tried.

(From Beverly Cleary’s Henry and Ribsy…….the book that was on my desk at the moment).  The paragraph reads as :  “One warm Saturday in August, Henry Huggins and his mother and father were eating breakfast in their square white house on Klickitat Street.”

The visuals are beautiful, borrowed from the many millions of photos available on Flickr and it certainly lends something to the words themselves.  Try it with a favourite line from a poem or story and see what it brings you.