We Have Museum Passes!

We have a wonderful new option available at our library for patrons…..museum passes!  Now you can come in, take out a museum pass for one of several great Ottawa and Ottawa area museums, and use them to get into the museum for free!  Each pass is a little different, but they’ll make family outings a breeze!

Museum passes

Here’s how they work. Come to the library to pick up one of the passes (or call us and reserve a pass—it must be picked up that day).  You’ll have the pass for the next TWO days, and then the pass will have to be returned the following day.  That works out to be four days.

Day one….pick up the pass.

Day two & day three…..use the pass.

Day four….return the pass.

Museum pass

Fines are $1 per day if the pass is not returned on time.  Please make sure you know which day you have to return it to avoid BIG late fees!

Museum pass

Which museums do we have passes for?

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian War Museum

The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

The Canadian Agriculture Museum

The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology

Billings Estate National Historic Site

Bytown Museum

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum


Goulbourn Museum

Nepean Museum

Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site

Vanier Museopark

Watson’s Mill

We have multiple copies of each museum pass, but they’re pretty popular, so you might have to wait to get the one you want. They each also come with their own instructions….most are good for a maximum of 5 (FIVE) people (some are good for only 2 adults and 3 children, others allow 3 adults maximum, with the total number of people being five.)  Please make sure you ask at the front  desk so you know who is included in each pass. 

While these passes might not cover every member of your family, they will certainly help with the admission costs! And these aren’t only for families.  These are great for couples, people enjoying retirement and more!  It’s an exciting new venture for our library and we’re happy to be able to offer them to our patrons. Happy Museuming! (Okay, I know this isn’t a real word.)

Generational Books

Over the past year, a slightly funny phenomena has emerged in the world of books. It either begins with an emphatic “Have you read this??!!” or it slips into quiet conversation with obvious embarrassment (“Uh, I know it’s a kids book, but….”).  Yes, I’m talking about the best-seller THE HUNGER GAMES and its effect on people of all ages.

Several years ago, we saw this trend with the Harry Potter series, but there was a slightly different thing going on there. Parents didn’t feel embarrassed about reading it because they were often telling the story to their children before bed. It was okay to read it that way. The Hunger Games is different. Since the YA book is aimed at ages 10+, parents are often no longer involved in the bedtime reading of their kids at that point. So, how are they supposed to know what the big deal is about this book?  Why are kids everywhere talking about this book like it has changed their world? How can they get their hands on a copy without everyone knowing they’re reading a kid’s book?

Simple.  They come to the library and ask for it.

The beauty of this story is that it has become a multi-generational book (as have the others in the same series by author Suzanne Collins). We have really young ones reading it, teens, their parents, grandparents and so on. One of our favourite young patrons told me today that she has her aunt reading it and both of her grandparents as well. What she’s looking forward to most is the day each of them finishes it so that they can all get together to discuss it. I thought that was fantastic!

Everyone wants to see what it’s about….non-readers, people who never read in the genre and everyone in between. And that’s perfectly fine.  There’s no need to explain why you’re reading a book that wasn’t intentionally written for adults.  There’s no need to hurry out of the YA section with a few other great looking books tucked under your arm.  And there’s no need to send your neighbour’s kid in to get it for you. 

Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins, the 3rd book in The Hunger Games trilogy (it’s the only one we had in the library when I took this picture)

There’s a reason so many people are turning to young adult books–the writing is strong and the stories are fabulous. No, they’re not all about high school dating and prom dresses. A lot of them may include this sort of thing, but they’re usually written around a fantastic, fast moving plot that pulls you right in and gets to the heart of the story.  Don’t forget, these kids have grown up in the NOW generation.  If it isn’t something they like within a few moments, they’ll put it down. And that probably means you’ll like it, too.

Why not pick up a YA book today?  Don’t be embarrassed….they’re great books for ALL ages!