Cocoa’s Antics

Are you following us on Facebook? Each day until December 24th, we’ll be posting a photo of Cocoa, our Elf on the Library Shelf, doing his best to “help us” at the library. Even if you aren’t playing along, you’ll probably want to stop by to see what he’s been up to.

While you’re there, make sure to follow us to keep up to date with all of the events and general goings-on in the library. It’s a very active page, and we love our patrons. Leave us a comment on a post to say hello, or share one of our programs with some of your friends. We’d appreciate it!

Cocoa is back!

Our favourite elf, Cocoa is back at the library today! He’s somewhat helpful, always surprising, and often, a little mischievous. But he’s here, and we’ve got him, and we want you to enjoy his visit as much as we do!

Download this Elf Card, start watching our Facebook page, or visit the library each day to see what he’s up to, and keep track of the items on this list. Once you fill up the card, drop it off at the library by Friday, December 22nd to be entered into a draw for “Cocoa’s Favourite Things”. He’s putting together a fun gift basket filled with lots of great items, and he wants someone to have it before Christmas.

Even if you don’t play along, make sure to follow us on Facebook. We always have lots of interesting items posted!

Cocoa is Coming Back!

Cocoa is coming back to the library, and he’s ready to work. That means more fun posts, and more of his crazy antics! Follow us on our Carleton Place Public Library Facebook page, or stop by the library to find him. Check off your card, bring it back, and you’ll be entered to win some of Cocoa’s Favourite things. Be ready…he’s been celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday all year….


He’s been back for over a week, and we’re already counting the days until he leaves. Okay, so our Elf on the Library Shelf, Cocoa, isn’t that bad, but he certainly has a mischievous side. Here are a few photos of Cocoa’s antics so far. Don’t forget to follow him each day on our Facebook page to win. And yes, Cocoa has gone hipster this year.

elf1 elf2 elf3 elf4

Cocoa is Coming Back!

http___carletonplacelibrary-ca2It’s not quite December, but we’re excited that Cocoa will be back to help us out in December. And this year, he wanted to do something a bit special….a scavenger hunt with a prize!  You can download the image above as your own card to play along, then drop into the library starting December 1st through December 24, or follow our Carleton Place Public Library Facebook page to see what he’s up to everyday, and check off the boxes as you see them. He promises to be really creative this year (and probably as mischievous as usual).

Once you complete the sheet, drop it off at the library with your name and phone number, and we’ll be making a draw for “Cocoa’s Favourite Things” right before Christmas! The prize is aimed at our young patrons, but everyone is welcome to participate. It’s going to be a fun month!

And as usual, remind your youngsters that if they see Cocoa at the library, they are not to touch him. Elves have very, very special magic, and we’d have to send him back to Santa to reinstate his powers if he gets touched, so, it’s fun to look, but no touching please. (Besides, Cocoa is a bit of a complainer, and if you touch him, you’re bound to have to listen to his ailments for quite a while.)

Cocoa arrives December first, so get downloading, or drop by the library to pick up your card right away!