Don’t forget…



We’re coming up to a long weekend, and hopefully, it’ll be nice and warm. As always, the library will be closed for a few days. Here is the schedule to keep in mind:

FRIDAY, April 18     CLOSED

SATURDAY, April 19      Open 10am – 5pm

SUNDAY, April 20    CLOSED



If you need books, movies, museum passes, etc……make sure you drop into the library by Thursday, or plan to come by on Saturday. The blue return box will NOT be outside on the days we are closed, so please keep all returns until the days we are open. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged fines for those days we aren’t here. Enjoy your long weekend!


Holiday Closures

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we come up to the long holiday weekend, the library will be closed on certain days.  Here is the schedule as follows:

Friday, March 29/13  CLOSED

Saturday, March 30/13  Open 10am – 5pm

Sunday, March 31/13 CLOSED

Monday, April 1/13 CLOSED(…and no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke!)

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Make these for Easter!

It’s time for a Frivolous Friday post!  And because it’s almost that time of year, I’m sharing a fun recipe I found for homemade Easter Creme Eggs!  Yes, I know you’re just as egg-cited as I am!

There is a beautiful food blog called Not Without Salt, and the brilliant Ashley there has devised a “healthier” version of the Easter Creme Egg that you can make at home. Maybe a little trickier than popping to the store and picking up a single egg (or a bag full of the mini version, please!), but your friends and family will be amazed that you made these yourself!

eggs You can read Ashley’s full recipe right here on the Food 52 blogThere are gorgeous photos and the instructions look simple enough to follow. I might even whip up a batch of these this weekend…you know, just to try in case they don’t turn out for Easter.  

Easter Storytime

This morning is the first of two Easter Storytimes. I’m getting ready for a ton of kids to descend upon the library for fun Easter stories, some games and a craft.

Everything is decorated and the tables are set up so that the kids can make Easter cards to put into the bunny envelopes. If you’d like to make your own bunny envelopes, you can follow the easy link here. They are simple and pack a punch! And of course, the letter of the day is E!

We’ll be enjoying some nice easter treats, too.  If you’d like your child (aged 2 – 5) to attend tomorrow, please give us a call! Registration is required!