That’s a Real Job?

28119463Toronto artist Danielle Meder has a job that many of us probably did not even know existed: she attends fashion shows and draws the clothes. Danielle is a Fashion Illustrator.

While fashion illustrators have been around for a while, they often do very different things. Sometimes, they’ll draw clothes from a live event, such as the fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, or maybe they’ll work with a client to design an outfit to take to a seamstress. Some sell their work to galleries, and others are use their work to teach others.

Danielle tells her story that begins in smalltown rural Ontario, and ends up with her new book called DRAW FASHION NOW, in an interesting interview over on Yes and Yes.

While some of her life is spent at the glamorous fashion shows, a lot more of it is quiet and detailed and solitary. Her new book explains the techniques used in fashion illustration, and how you can get started doing the same thing. While the drawings are simple and gorgeous, I am sure the act of creating something along those lines is not quite as easy as it looks. There is much more involved than just being able to draw a reasonably good image of a model in an outfit–as Meder explains, she knows a lot about fabrics, and how clothes are put together, which helps her to translate what she sees onto the page.

It’s a fascinating read, and I’m sure the book would also be a great gift for anyone who might be working toward a career in the visual arts, and especially for someone who loves clothes. Now, sit down and try to draw what you’re wearing right now….it’s not easy at all!

Why should we only have fun on Friday?

Seeing as it’s a long weekend coming up, I think we should have a Trivial Tuesday post! How about doing something creative with a few minutes of your time? Draw A Stickman is the wackiest little site I’ve come across in a while.  Choose an episode, draw a stickman in the box provided and then follow the instructions.  I swear, I giggled all the way through the animation! Have fun and be creative!

Will it look like the picture?

A lot of people enjoy reading cookbooks.  Yes, I’m one of them.  I read them from cover to cover and if I never make a recipe from a pretty new cookbook, it’s okay.  I just enjoy going through the recipes and looking at the pictures. But sadly, not all cookbooks have pictures. However, I came across a wonderful website that incorporates both drawing and cooking, if you can believe it.  It’s called They Draw & Cook.

The brother and sister illustration team of Nick Padavick and Salli Swindell have done countless magazine layouts, but the idea to illustrate food came out of Padavick’s love for cooking and Swindell’s chance drawing of one of his recipes. They realized how fun it was to draw food and put together this great website. 

You can search by random recipe, or choose something based on ingredients.  Each recipe is creatively illustrated and makes you want to give it a shot. You can submit recipe ideas yourself, or just follow their blog to see the things they’re working on.  This is a fun site that you’ll want to return to over and over.

Learn to Draw with Ed Emberley

We have quite a few of Ed Emberley‘s picture books at the library, and I’m always delighted with the simple and creative artwork. I’d have to say he’s probably more well known for his drawing instruction books, which make creating just about anything simple and fun! He has a great website, which is under a bit of construction at the moment, but there are activities to get you and/or your kids drawing.  These resources are actually great for teachers who might not be as skilled in art as they’d like, and with a little practice, it could be used in a classroom setting with ease.

There was a great exhibition last year that celebrated this wonderful artist (who calls himself an old man who draws, by the way). Take a few minutes to watch the video or stop by his website and give some of his techniques a try. Just a fun way to do something different with your day!

Feel like drawing?

Today is my regular Frivolous Friday post and I thought I’d give everyone a little something to do this weekend. I came across Odosketch through a fun blog that I usually follow for crafts (thanks, How About Orange)!

Odosketch is for those of you who have a creative streak and would like to try your hand at some online sketching. The colors on this site are gorgeous….making almost anything you draw a certain masterpiece. If you go to the main page, you’ll see a variety of examples by people who post their work and have been chosen as a feature artist.  The visuals are beautiful and certainly not ordinary.  You can sign up or just try your hand at a sketch without saving.  It’s fun to watch the featured works being drawn from scratch…and once you register, you can even choose a work you like and “add” to it.

Here’s an example of a piece by one of the more popular artists, Lease.

So, enjoy yourself and see how creative you can be!

Poster contest winners!

We just finished a great summer colouring contest here at the library!  Going with our Destination Jungle theme, we had the kids colour in the jungle-themed picture and hung them up on our walls in the library.

Ages 2 – 5

We had three age groups involved and today, a few of our favourite patrons helped us determine a winner in each category!

Ages 6 – 8

This is a sample of one of the great budding artists from our community!

Thank you to everyone who entered and CONGRATULATIONS to:

Becca,  aged 5

Mikayla,  aged 8


Sophie, aged 10

Please stop in and pick up your prizes!

Ages 9 – 12

Stop in to see all of the great artwork before September in the children’s area!