Dogs Don’t Die

We don’t like to give away endings to books at the library, but sometimes, a particularly sad book is worth a warning to people–especially if we know those patrons have gone through a bad time, or if it is a child who might not react well to an animal’s death in the story.

So, when I came across this post about books re-imagined where the dog doesn’t die, I thought it was worth a quick read–and a chuckle. Keep in mind, these books haven’t been re-written, just summarized in a new way that avoids the sadness. If you’d like to see if your favourite book is here, click here.

Lassie, you don’t have to worry about Timmy falling down any wells here, either.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs!

The library went to the dogs this morning, but good thing we invited them! Stryder and his little brother Bree came for an hour (along with wonderful Sandra) to help us with the Paws to Read program. They listened to the stories, got a few treats and managed a few cuddles, as well. We can’t wait until our next group of kids!

Bree. He’s a real cuddle fiend!

Stryder.  He tries to act cool, but we know he’s entranced by the story!

Finally Stryder couldn’t stand it any longer. Show me the pictures! Next time, we’ll have to set him up so he can really dive into those books!

We’re going to the dogs!

Once again, we’re planning for our summer event called PAWS TO READ.  It’s a wonderful program we’ve done for the past three summers and we’re looking forward to having our pals Stryder and Sandra back at the library. So, just what is Paws to Read?

This is a wonderful program for reluctant readers aged 6 – 10.  They visit the library once a week (while we’re closed) and spend a short time reading to our fluffy friend Stryder.  Stryder is a standard poodle who has been specially trained as a therapy dog for children. He loves to listen to kids read and he’s really patient. He comes to the library with his owner Sandra who also helps.

If you have a reluctant reader who would like to participate this summer, please give us a call or come to the library to sign up. Your child must be able to read, but might have an issue like lack of confidence or reading issues that prevent him or her from enjoying books. We’re taking names right through to the end of June, and then we’ll set up a schedule for July and August sessions.

Happy Reading!