Powerpoint Rejuvinated!

We don’t do a lot of powerpoint presentations here at the library (we’ve only done one, as a matter of fact), but for those people that prepare them often, the ideas can get a little stale.  Sure, it’s exciting at first to be able to make a line zoom in from one part of the screen to the other, or make a bulleted line flash. But if you do more than one presentation a year, you’ve been there, done that.

So when I came across Diagrammer.com, I thought it was brilliant! (My husband will get a little thrill out of this one, I think.) Diagrammer is a new project by Duarte Design.  They’ve come up beautiful, original designs that will replace the simple “bullet” in your next presentation, and each downloadable template is only 99 cents!!

Each new diagram is fully customizable and simple to use. Just work with it the way you would any other “bullet”.  I swear, this makes me want to create a powerpoint presentation now, just because I know it would look so good! Of course, there are plenty of free downloadable powerpoint templates online…full presentations that you can download for free and then customize. This is just the first idea I’ve seen to replace the bullets in a unique way.

I love  fresh ideas. Feels like spring……..