Poetry Slamming at the library!

It’s March Break and we’ve got lots going on at the library this week.  Don’t be surprised if you see hoards of people when you come in….we have programs running while the library is closed. And Monday started off with a bang!  It was a Slam Poetry event with Danielle Gregoire.

What’s slam poetry? Basically, it’s a performance aspect added to the written word.  People write poems that inspire them to get up and perform and Danielle came in to show some of our young attendees just what it was all about.  Here she is (above) starting off with a group poem about McDonald’s.

While everyone started together, eventually Danielle got them into the spirit of writing and performing their own poems. Before each person began, the “audience” welcomed them to the stage with a starting countdown and cheer. Here’s our group (above) getting ready.

The poems were varied and humorous and I was surprised at how well each young person performed! They talked about things like cheese, Florida, St. Patrick’s Day and rain boots, and no one went home feeling like they hadn’t learned something.  It was a great morning and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching!  A big thank you to Pauline Fitchett at Arts Carleton Place for arranging everything, and to Danielle Gregoire for her expertise. Maybe you’ll get inspired to try some slam poetry of your own!