My husband doesn’t really like cupcakes.  Not that he doesn’t enjoy a slice of cake now and then, but the little cakes wrapped in frilly paper and coated with something pretty doesn’t do it for him.  He’d rather pass (which amazes me since he let me do cupcakes at our wedding).  But it seems that he is not alone.  Men all over the world are standing up and saying “NO!” to cupcakes, but “YES!” to mancakes.  A revolution has begun.

Butch Bakery’s many cupcakes are just that….cakes with manly flavours, manly decorations and presumably, a manly size. Their slogan “Butch it up!  These ain’t your grandma’s cupcakes, Buttercup” just about says it all.  Right now, they are only available in New York City, but hopefully, this will take off and soon be available to anyone online.  They take their inspiration from cocktails and manly pastimes, and are named accordingly.  Cupcakes such as the Jackhammer, the Beer Run or the B-52 are the norm, and come decorated with a chocolate disk in a pattern such as camouflage, woodgrain, houndstooth,  and plaid, etc.  You can read an interesting article about Mancakes here.

Cupcakes really are the big thing right now, with cupcake bakeries popping up all over North America. If you’d like a little inspiration to make your own tasty treats, pop in and grab Martha Stewart’s latest cookbook called Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes.

If you’re looking for even more information about cupcakes, or just some wild inspiration, there are many, many, many blogs out there devoted to cupcakes.  A few of my favourites are

Cupcakes Take The Cake,   Bakerella,   52 Cupcakes,  and CakeSpy.  You might even want to drop by Cake Wrecks for a few giggles… of cakes-gone-bad done by professionals.