Christmas Craft Night was a hit!

We had a room full of young crafters, ready to start celebrating the holiday season! And with the snowfall that loomed in the overnight forecast, they were excited.

Christmas Cards

We made Christmas Cards, which were decorated with glitter and sparkly jewel stickers.  Each one turned out differently….and even the insides were creative!


We also put together some 3D snowflakes, which were simple enough to decorate.  The kids loved them!


While everyone went home on a bit of a sugar high, at least it was a snow day the next morning and they could sleep in.  It was a fun night and we can’t wait until the next one (not the snowstorm, but the next craft night!).



It’s Christmas Craft Night!

We’re heading into the holiday season, so to get all our young crafters in the spirit, we’re hosting our Christmas Craft Night this evening!  It’s always so popular, and we’ve had full registration for weeks. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!


We’re going to be creating our own fancy Christmas cards, using the sparkly little reindeer we cut out using our new Cricut machine, donated by the wonderful Victoria at Scraptease. I’m sure our creative kids will figure out their own versions of the cards, and surprise someone special with their designs.


And after, we’ll decorate and sparkle up some nifty 3D snowflakes! These are gorgeous and they can hang them on their trees at Christmas. (I’m sure there will be a purple or black one in the mix once they’re finished!)


If you hear lots of giggles tonight while you’re in the library, don’t be afraid to take a peek through the window. We’re celebrating Merry!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes, it’s almost that time again….Christmas Craft Night! We’re gearing up for a night full of fun Christmas crafts, games and treats…something to get the festivities started!

Christmas Craft Night 2013


Registration has already started, but we still have spaces for kids aged 6 – 12. Hurry, this is the last craft night of the year and it’s bound to fill up quickly! Call us or drop into the library to register for Tuesday, November 26th at 6pm.

Make a bookmark!

fringe1I came across a great idea for a bookmark at Crafty Beats today.  This is the simple start of the bookmark, but they turn it into a four leaf clover, if you want to be really crafty!  Stop by the site and download the PDF today.  (Try this  simple version above and make it from any kind of yarn, string, twine or floss, I would think.  Try multiple colours for a great effect. ) Thanks, Crafty Beats!

Design with Todd Oldham

I’ve always found designer Todd Oldham to have fascinating and creative ideas, but ones which translate well to the real world.  Unlike some of his peers, his work doesn’t scream ridiculous design for the sake of being unique.  Instead, he takes simple items and makes them stylish and I was thrilled when I found his book Handmade Modern on our shelves.


This book is a great combination of style, design and crafting for the everyday person.  It is unique in that each page boasts simple step-by-step photos and instructions to create beautiful items for your home.  He claims that almost anyone can make these and to a point, he’s probably correct, from a gorgeous library daybed to creative side tables to lampshades and creative pillows.  The book looks as fresh as the ideas, creating a modern style that almost anyone would enjoy.

Oldham’s website is fun to search, looking very similar in layout to the book itself and you can see the many aspects of his creative life.  I also stopped by his blog which posts current updates about his design studio, if you are a fan.

I found Oldham in action in a series of YouTube videos where he shows how to create one of the items from his book, usually with the help of a celebrity.  He makes it look simple and inspiring.

An interesting thing about this book is that some of Oldham’s favourite designers also each get a page in the book and he tells about their inspiration to his creativity, which I think is fascinating.  It always says something about the creative process to know a bit more about where a person gets their ideas.  You can see an interview by one of Oldham’s favourite’s Charley Harper right here:

Of course, we have many great books on design and creative inspiration if you are thinking about making a few changes to your home.  Stop by to see what we have on our shelves, or browse through our online catalog for this book, and click on “nearby items on the shelf”  on the details page to see more books that you might be interested in reading.  It’s a nice way to spend a summer weekend.