Crowdsourcing a book. Good idea?

Crowdsourcing.  It’s a new word that has been invading our vocabularies for a while now. It is essentially a collaborative effort, whereby people contribute to one idea through cyberspace. Just like Wikipedia, for example. Great idea, right?  How about crowdsourcing a book?

Willy Chyr had the idea that a group of people could “crowdsource” a book, 140 characters at a time (just like Twitter posts). Essentially, it’s a novel written on the internet. His Collabowriters site  explains the concept, how to register and how to start submitting.  You can also read what’s been written so far, to get a sense for the book. Anyone can submit a new line and posts are voted on. Once a line has been accepted, a new vote begins. Chyr’s hope is that the novel will be not only a first, but as interesting as any written in the traditional sense.  You can read more about the Collabowriters right here.

Will it be a success, or not?  What do you think?