Spring Cleaning

I’m working on some spring cleaning/re-envisioning my home. As I hit each room, my goal is to get rid of things sitting around in boxes, drawers, on floors, in closets etc., and to make each space cozier and more useful. It isn’t easy.

But I heard an interesting idea the other day about cleaning/throwing things away that really got me thinking: ask yourself, would you buy this now?

Would you buy this now? Often, that’s a question that doesn’t even come into play. We’re so attached to things from our pasts that make us feel something or remember something, and we completely ignore the fact that we haven’t even thought about this item for years. If you threw it out, you probably won’t think about it past the first few days either. But most of us never even make it that far.

Asking yourself if it is something you would buy now totally changes the way you’ll look at the object. And for the most part, I bet the answer would be “no”. So…off it goes. I’m going to try this a little bit more with my work-in-progress and see how it goes.

If you’re working on spring cleaning, you might want to try Marie Kondo’s book THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP: THE JAPANESE ART OF DECLUTTERING AND ORGANIZING. It might change your life, or at least how you look at the objects you’re holding onto.


Pitch In!

Carleton Place is a beautiful community to live in, but as with any area, spring brings about some winter leftovers. The streets have piles of salt and sand, dried or sopping wet leaves that weren’t cleaned up in fall now make their home against curbs and near grates, and branches and general litter can be seen just about everywhere. That’s why the Carleton Place BIA (Business Improvement Association) is holding  “OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP”  the week of April 20 – 26. If you have a community group, or if your school or business would like to pitch in and help dust off our town for Spring, please contact Cathy McOrmond at the Carleton Place BIA to register and get a clean up package. They can’t do this alone, so get out and enjoy some fresh air, while helping to make our community sparkle!



We use a lot of different keyboards here in the library, and our patrons have access to many computers as well. We often help people using the computers and I think about what must be on the surface of those keyboards, from germs to just general dirt. So, how do you clean the keyboards and disinfect them all at the same time? And is it practical to be cleaning them all the time?

A company in the UK has introduced a new product called Cyber Clean that is essentially a goopy looking substance that you roll around on your keyboard. It supposedly sinks into the crevices between the keys and lifts out any particles and at the same time, kills germs on the surface of the keys.

There seems to be a bit of question regarding what you might do with the glob after you clean a keyboard and how long it can be used. Also, does it leave a film on your keys? So many questions, but an interesting idea.

Would you buy it?