Love a librarian today!

We’re lucky to live in a small town where the library is valued. Not only does our municipal government support us, but we feel like they understand what a public library means to a community. The city of Toronto is not so lucky, however, as Mayor Rob Ford continues to explore other options, shall we say. Ford wants to take the library and privatize it, supposedly to offer better programs, more options to library users and lower costs overall. But as with all things that sound too goo to be true, this probably is.

According to a recent plea to the public, Toronto Public Library librarians are seriously thinking about striking.  No, they don’t want more money, more hours or more services, exactly. They only want to keep their library from becoming privately funded. According to their stand, the US company that is taking the forefront in the bid to go private has already wreaked havoc on libraries in the US. In the end, there are big promises but fewer services,  restricted book purchases and higher costs overall.  Not what anyone wants.

So what are the librarians in Toronto doing about it?  They’ve started a petition to “LOVE A LIBRARIAN” , to show your support for public libraries (specifically Toronto Public Library in this case, but it applies overall, I believe). You can certainly fill it in online and add your two cents. We may not be fighting for our own library at the moment, but libraries in general need support and if all it takes is a quick form, I say do it. You’ll sleep better tonight knowing you did something.