It Was Dr. Seuss Day!

Once again, we had a very successful drop in day at the library. Children of all ages came by for our fun Dr. Seuss-themed day and boy, did they have fun!  There were games, crafts and even a wacky photo booth! You can see more of the fun photos on our Facebook page!


We had lots of books on hand for reading.


And a sign on the front door so NO one could miss it!


Thing One and Thing Two were there…


….so was The Cat in the Hat…..

IMG_4791…and even the Lorax.


Oooh….the Grinch made an appearance!

IMG_4795Lucky for all of us, Thing 1 & Thing 2 were on hand to keep things organized.

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

Travel to a book!

At the beginning of our lives, many of us grow to love books. The stories often take place in magical settings or simply places we’ve never been and so seem magical to little readers. I came across a wonderful blog post about popular children’s books and the places that inspired them.  The comments below the article are just as interesting, with a small argument going on about the origins of Winnie the Pooh.


Just click on the link above, or on the picture to go to the site and read more. A fun way to waste a few minutes!