The pork chop

For my frivolous Friday post this week, I’ll talk about food. Have you ever been out for dinner and wondered why the portion sizes in restaurants are SO huge? I have.  During our visit to Toronto recently, we ate at many fine restaurants and ate PLENTY of food. On our last night we visited Canyon Creek,  and I decided that I just couldn’t stomach another heavy meal, so while everyone else was ordering meals that came with potatoes, veggies and meat, I ordered what I thought was a simple meal of a pork chop and rice.  This is what I got:

It may be difficult to tell, but the plate was at least 12 inches and held a  double chop that was at least four inches thick, smothered in a delicious lingonberry sauce. Not a light meal, as I found out. Maybe we expect larger sizes because the prices can be so high in restaurants, but really, do we need all this extra food?

We had a marvelous time out on our last night in the city and it was well worth it, but I won’t be craving pork chops for a while.

Long live the giant pork chop!