Unique bookends

bookendHere’s a great, whimsical bookend by Artori Design.  Not only is it functional, but it will act as a conversation piece!  There are two models, both of which have a couple escaping the “falling” books.  The bookend is a piece of metal set at an angle and the far end inserts into the inside of a book.  It works best if the book is a hardcover, for more support, and the bookend remains invisible.

There are two models available… the one above and another with a single person with his arms out to prevent being crushed.  Both are funny and very creative.  You can see more of Artori Design ideas on their website here.

A bookshelf and a dog house?

petcaveWe are always looking to doiuble task, and this is the ultimate idea.  How about a space for your books AND you pet! This little bookshelf called a Pet Cave has enough room for a small dog or your cat and even comes with a little cushion for them to sit on.  Just stack your books around it and voila!  All from designer Sakura Adachi and you can see the whole collection here. (There’s also a people cave, so you might want to take a look at that as well.)

Bookshelves or coffin? You decide.

I came across this very, very odd concept on a site devoted strictly to bookshelves called Bookshelf.  It seems that furniture and product designer William Warren has come up with an idea to really challenge the way we live and think about the things we own.

He has designed a bookshelf that is meant to be used and loved throughout your life.  He wants us to develop a personal attachment to our furniture and to keep it and use it always.  And I mean ALWAYS.  This set of shelves is used for books or whatever you’d like throughout your life…..and then dismantled UPON YOUR DEATH and made into a coffin!!  I kid you not.

warrenMy question is, who exactly is supposed to build this coffin for you?  Or do you prepare and make it yourself as a sort of family project?  Wacky idea, I think.

d35396_8(Photos courtesy of the London Metropolitan University)

Paint a bookshelf and hang it!

Victoria Reichelt is an artist who paints pictures of bookshelves as a way of demonstrating the personalities of people.  She believes what’s on your bookshelves says a lot about who you are as a person.  She does a lot of paintings now where she’ll go into a home and paint pictures of the shelves to say something about the people that live there.  It is like a snapshot of their lives, but in a different way.

book1You can read a fascinating article about the artist herself at Inside Out Blog.


Bookshelves that move

How about a set of bookshelves that not only look great, but they can hide your books and roll out of site until you need them?  This is a great design by Enzo Berti which has a bold outside to make your room look dramatic.  The books are shelved on the inside of each unit and the units slide along so that you can keep them shut until you need them, or open for a unique look.

250 You can find out more about Mr. Berti and his designs here.