Great New Books!

We are always putting out great new books, but what if you don’t read fiction? Is there anything great out there for those who might not want to get caught up in a mystery or thriller? Of course! Some of the interesting selection we have out in the new bin right now:



While Federle is making the rounds as a Middle Grade author (his NATE series about a boy who can’t get enough of musical theatre is bursting off the shelves), this book was recently voted “Cookbook of the Year” on Goodreads. Enjoy a literary classic in a new way!

For Dr. Who fans, there’s the new WHO-OLOGY : DR. WHO, THE OFFICIAL MISCELLANY by Cavan Scott.


Is there anything this author doesn’t write about? He’s done books on dinosaurs, ghosts, YA scary-as-anything fiction, crazy cartoony books and much more. His website is filled with lots of information for fans, budding authors and more.



Ms. Heaney’s memoir is the story of her search for love. She’s twenty-five, cute as a button and yet has never had a boyfriend. But don’t feel sorry for her. This is a funny book, full of personality and great anecdotes to make you realize not everyone follows the same path through life. I can think of several people who need to read this book. Several.

And finally, if you’re a closet crochet addict, you might want to pick up GEEK CHIC CROCHET, by Nicki Trench.


Although we must admit, we had a little chuckle at a few of the so-called “retro-inspired” projects (old-fashioned wouldn’t be a great subtitle, would it?), some are really cute and might make you break out those needles once again.

You can pick up these or many other great non-fiction books at the library. We’re filling up the new bin all the time!

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Canada Reads at the Library!

If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to the upcoming Canada Reads 2014 debates, where five important Canadian books will be defended for this year’s prize. The theme this year is “One Novel to Change Our Nation”, and the five titles that will be discussed are:


COCKROACH by Rawi Hage, defended by award-winning comic/actor/writer Samantha Bee.


HALF-BLOOD BLUES by Esi Edugyan, defended by athlete Donovan Bailey.


THE ORENDA by Joseph Boyden, defended by journalist Wab Kinew.


ANNABEL by Kathleen Winter, defended by actress Sarah Gadon.


THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD by Margaret Atwood, defended by activist Stephen Lewis.

You can find out about all of the books, the authors and the people defending them right here.  But if you’re like us, you’ll want to follow along closely during the debates, and that’s why we’re going to have a fun event during March 5 & 6. Drop by the library anywhere from 1:30 – 8pm to watch the broadcast! See your favourites defend their books and have a discussion with other fans and readers. It’s free, and it’ll be playing all day, so take a few minutes to sit and listen. Who will win?

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The Well Read Life

While many of us have taken those quizzes to find out how many of the “Best Books”, or “Top 10 Books” we’ve read through the years, Amazon has put together an interesting list that you might want to consider. They Amazon editors got together and chose their “Top 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime“, the books they feel will help to ensure a well-read life. If you regularly devour best-sellers or everything ever written about hockey, you might be missing the bigger picture, so to speak. Amazon thinks these books will round out your reading life.

Some of the titles they’ve chosen?


From Stephen Hawking to Stephen King, this list covers just about everything. There are children’s books,  YA, fiction and non-fiction. A lot of the books are classics, but you’ll be surprised at some of the newer choices, I think.  They include little headings to briefly describe the book (like VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Jacqueline Susann, which is labelled as “addictively entertaining”). You can see the full list here.

How many of the books have you read?  And do you agree or disagree with some of their choices?

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Match Made in Heaven or a One-Night Stand?

February is the month of love, and to celebrate in our own way, we’re having a “Blind Date with a Book”!  Drop into the library anytime between now and Valentine’s Day and you can participate.


We’ve put together a great selection of our favourite books—fiction, non-fiction, old books and new—and covered them with pretty paper so that you can’t see what they are.  All you need to do is drop in, choose a book, sign it out and take it home to unwrap it. You might find a new favourite author, or just read something you wouldn’t normally pick up. The goal is to have fun.


So, will your selection be a match made in Heaven?  Or will it be a one-night stand? If you feel like it, let us know what you thought of your book by returning the cute card we’ve tucked inside. Love is in the air!


It’s Family Literacy Day!


We don’t need a special day to enjoy books, but today is the perfect time to plan something out of the ordinary. It’s Family Literacy Day! While there are lots of events planned at libraries and bookstores across the country, you might want to aim for something to do at home.

Why not:

1.  Read a book together and then watch the movie!  There are plenty of family-oriented books that are easy to read in one night. Netflix, your local library and the cheap bins at big box stores always have great choices to help you plan a fun night. Try THE CAT IN THE HAT, JUMANJI,  or CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.

2.  Make a theme dinner. Pick a fun book your family enjoys, then make a meal based on the characters, the story or the setting. You could try making green eggs and ham, or decorate your kitchen table with monkeys and bananas (for a Curious George meal). Be as silly as you wish…the kids will enjoy it!

3.  Instead of rushing to get the kids out the door in the morning, get everyone up a few minutes early and announce you’re having a morning storytime!  They’ll be excited and you could even let them eat breakfast while you read.

4.  How about trading a stack of your favourite books with another family? Ask a friend who might have children who are the same ages as yours, and switch books for the evening. Tell your children these are the books that Bobby and Susie and Sam read each night. It might be fun!

What are YOU going to do to celebrate Family Literacy Day?

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What’s Better Than a Library? Nothing.

enhanced-buzz-wide-17720-1388669450-20One of our wonderful library friends sent us this great link to gorgeous library photos paired with inspirational quotes about libraries. The combination is uplifting, breathtaking, and pure genius. If you love libraries as much as we do, please take a moment to drop by this compilation on Buzzfeed to see more of these duos, arranged by Daniel Dalton. You’ll love them!

(Thanks, Rebecca!)

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