Make Me a Bookmark!

If you’re looking for an adorable little project to do with the kids on a snow day, why not gather up some supplies and make these cute little fabric covered button bookmarks!


I spotted these on a wonderful craft blog I follow regularly, called Skip to My Lou.  They often have great ideas for simple crafts that kids…and adults…can do, without a lot of cost involved. All of the instructions for the bookmarks are right here.  Just purchase a few covered buttons and bookmark clips from your local craft store, find some adorable fabric (you can even use old t-shirts or any other fabric scraps you may have lying around), and get out the glue gun!  Once you’re done, download the cute printable onto cardstock to hand out with your homemade gifts! Voila! A present for Grandma or that nice neighbour.

Happy crafting!

We need new bookmarks!

We’re kicking off the summer with a bookmark contest! We’re inviting all our patrons to come in and pick up a contest entry (they’re a special size, so please don’t use the graphic here), and DESIGN A BOOKMARK for the Carleton Place Public Library!  The contest is open to everyone, with four age categories…..7 & under, ages 8 – 10, ages 11 – 13 and ages 14 – adult.  Each entry will be judged by an independent group and all winners will have their design featured on one of our new library bookmarks in the fall!

The designs can be anything you like, as long as they include the words “Carleton Place Public Library” somewhere. We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Where is the bookmark?

I’ve said it before, but we find a lot of bookmarks in books that are returned or donated. Sometimes, they are actual bookmarks. Most times, we find things like telephone bills, grocery receipts and old photographs (those ones are the most heartbreaking….we can’t always identify the people in them). Recently, someone even returned a book with a DVD containing photos from a special baptism. (If it’s yours, please let us know!  We still have it!).

Our own collection of found bookmarks

Often, we can contact the person who last had the book and get the bookmark returned, but sometimes it’s more difficult. Especially when books are donated. And there’s an entire website (and book) devoted to things people leave in donated books. It’s called Forgotten Bookmarks, and the bookseller carefully documents each strange and interesting item they find, including what book they found it in.

For example:

Vintage trading cards

A Handwritten set of dinner topics

Maybe it doesn’t say much about the people who leave things in books, but it’s an interesting site and worth a few minutes to look around. At least it’ll give you something to think about the next time you pick up a book and pop something inside to mark your place. Just don’t forget to take it out!


While we’ve seen everything from hydro bills to shopping lists tucked inside the pages of books, bookmarks are a personal thing. Some people turn down the corners, other people use scraps of paper and still others have elaborate, specifically designed bookmarks to keep their spot in books. But what about a bookmark that you set up before starting a book, and it always keeps your page, no matter where you are? The Albatros bookmark does just that.  All you have to do is read and keep turning the pages.

Simple and practical! Let us know if you have one of these and if they work as well as the video shows. Very interesting! (Keep in mind, we’re not promoting any specific products on our blog.  Rather, we like to promote the creative ideas people have to make our reading lives easier. It’s up to you whether on not you want to buy one.)

Not really a bookmark

I’ve written a time or two about things people leave in books — lottery tickets, treasured bookmarks, photographs, bills and much more.  But recently, I read an article about libraries in the New Hampshire area that realized someone had gone through their books and placed anti-school bookmarks in many of their books.  Employees of several branches spent more than 30 hours going through their books and removing the bookmarks which were secretly inserted sometime in May of this year.  Not only were there anti-school advertisements, but bookmarks advertising a free domain website.

Photo by E. J. Hersom

While free speech is important, not only was this an unwanted program by the libraries themselves, but it made all kinds of extra work for those involved in removing the bookmarks.  And they were discovered accidentally when a shelf fell over and all of the books fell off, opening to reveal the blue bookmarks. As I read through this article, there were the usual comments from people who were disturbed by the idea.  But, I couldn’t believe that one person remarked that they ALWAYS leave their business card in library books. Interesting way to advertise, but how would they like it if we walked into their place of business and stuck up a poster with our library hours in their window?  Probably wouldn’t go over very well.

What do you think about this idea of sticking things in books as advertisement?

Paint Chip Bookmark

Here is a wonderful idea for some inexpensive bookmarks.  Now, you could use paint chips that you have lying around after deciding on new paint for your home, or why not make this a quick craft project some weekend with the kids.  Pick up some colourful paint chips while you’re at the hardware store, trim them with decorative scissors  or just regular ones, punch a hole, add a string, and you have a great bookmark!

Thanks to How About Orange blog for the great idea!

Holidays and bookmarks

You’ve probably noticed that the posts here have been few and far between, but I’m back from holidays and plan to keep up once again.  It’s nice to be back at my desk with the rumblings of the library around me, but I did enjoy a week away.

Bookmarks are always something we find when books are returned to the library and although we have seen many pictures, lottery tickets and even phone bills, one such blog has devoted itself to posting interesting things people have left in books.  The site is called Forgotten Bookmarks and you’ll find things like this old high school photo, complete with dedication on the back:


kathynancy2What do you use for bookmarks?  (And please don’t say you just fold down a corner of the page………….)