Most Popular Posts?

Did you know that one of our most popular posts on this blog has been the “Book in a Jar” post? Back in 2014, we ran a fun passive program for teens during a March Break event, and our Book in a Jar was super fun…and very tricky! We cut up a few pages of three very popular YA books at the time, and tucked them into three little jars…line by line. Teens had to try to guess what book it was from what they could see.

And this post tends to be one of our most searched items, showing up in quite a few Pinterest boards, and getting photo permission requests. We thought it was fun, and hopefully, other libraries have tried it and had success.

Maybe we should do a version for our adult readers next?

Book in a Jar

For our special teen event during the March Break, we’re having a “Book in a Jar” contest! There will be three jars in the YA section to look at, each with a certain book inside. Pick one up, figure it out and fill out a ballot. book in a jar

It might be easy, it might be tricky…but it’ll be fun! Maybe you’ll even win a prize!

book in a jar 2