It’s Almost Time!


While we’re still a week away from starting up fall programs, we’re busy planning everything in sight. First up, it’s Book Buck Spending Week #2!  And while we had lots of teens in to spend their book bucks in the first week, we know there are still plenty of those little green bucks out there. Plus, we have TONS of great things still to spend them on!

So, starting Monday, Sept. 8th….drop in anytime to spend the Book Bucks.  We’ll be re-filling the window all week long, so if you still have a book or two to finish, you can keep collecting. But don’t save these bucks for next year….once Sept. 8 – 13th is over, your book bucks will be no good. So, plan on a spending spree next week. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Book Bucks Week #2!

20130807_160836_1We’re gearing up for our last Book Buck spending week, the teen portion of our TD Summer Reading Club 2013! This summer, we had so many teens reading and collecting book bucks that we’ve had to expand this wonderful reading program. In our first spending week, our readers were reluctant to spend all their reading cash in order to save it for wonderful prizes this month. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of great things to purchase, and the “store” will change daily and always be well stocked.

So, get ready. Our store will open on Monday, September 9th and will stay open until Saturday, September 14th. Bring all your book bucks and be ready to spend, spend, spend!

Book Bucks Week is Coming!

It’s almost here…what all our teen readers have been waiting for:







Our windows are being prepped, the secret items are being priced, we’re stacking boxes so we can re-fill at a moment’s notice and we’re expecting LOTS of readers to come in with their book bucks. They’ve been reading and saving, reading some more and saving some more, and we’re excited that we’ve had so many kids participate in our version of the wonderful TD Summer Reading Club this summer.

If you know someone who has been participating, remind them to drop by anytime between Monday, August 12 – Saturday, August 17 to spend, spend, SPEND!  We’ll also be holding a Book Buck Spending Week in September, so there’s no hurry.

Happy Spending!

Book Bucks Galore!

Another summer reading program is officially over!  Yes, we just finished the Book Bucks Week #2 and boy, was it successful! 

This was the second summer we ran the program, but this year, it was a little different. Since kids in grades 5 and up aren’t really into posters and stickers anymore, we decided we wanted something for them to stay focused and keep reading all summer long.  And of course, if they had a few rewards along the way, all the better!  So, they started out with a blank Book Buck Bingo card and began reading.

Some readers chose books based on things they would normally read anyway and just supplemented their reading with a few ideas from the bingo card.  Others chose books exclusively that would get them a book buck once they finished reading. The more they read, the more book bucks they could collect to spend later.

The Book Buck Bingo card contained squares that would allow readers to choose things they liked, but to read different genres or authors this summer. There were squares such as “Read a book by a dead author” and “Re-read a book you loved”. We heard so many great stories from this—like the girl who took home a cookbook ( “Read a book from the adult section”) and made a fabulous dinner for her entire family, having never really cooked before! Did we start a chef on the path?

To complete a card, the kids had to read 24 books, all from different genres & parts of the library. Overall, we had 8 readers finish their cards, which is absolutely fabulous considering each book ran anywhere from 100-300 pages.  That’s a lot of reading! And once they collected some book bucks, they kept them and brought them in to spend on some fabulous items in our special Book Buck Sale window! Don’t these girls look happy?

Overall, our tweens and teens read over 300 books this summer.  We can’t wait to expand this program next year! Congratulations everyone!

There’s so much happening next week at the library!

The countdown is on….only three more days until it’s officially Book Bucks Week again at the library!

(Just ignore the sign underneath from August.)  We’ll have a whole new window full of fun prizes for the week of September 17 – 22!  Anyone who still has Book Bucks  should drop in next week and spend, spend, spend!  After that, the store will be closed for another year.

And even more fun, a reminder to everyone who signed up for the special storytime with Ronald McDonald! All the spaces are full now, but we’re expecting a large group of kids on Wednesday night (September 19th)  at 6:30pm! Children are welcome to wear pajamas and there will be time to visit with Ronald McDonald afterward.

It’s going to be a fun week!

It’s almost here…..

That’s right…it’s almost here….spend your Book Bucks Week!!  For everyone collecting Book Bucks, the secret window is FILLED with fun prizes.  You can drop in next week anytime and spend some, all or even just one Book Buck.  Don’t worry…there will be another week in September to spend again!

What could possibly be behind the question marks?????

Spend your Book Bucks Week!

While we always have something fun going on in the summer for our younger ones, we like to include the teens as well.  This year, we decided to offer “Book Bucks” to anyone who wanted to participate.  For every four books they read, they got one book buck and for five or more, they got two book bucks. So, they’ve been collecting for weeks and this is the first chance they’ll have to spend those bucks.

We put up a little bit of a tease to make people wonder what was behind the curtain…..

But now that book bucks week is here….the paper has come off and this is what everyone will see!

There are plenty of great items…from $1 – $7!  They can buy books, toys, candy and fun games.  Everyone will have a chance to get something…but it they want to wait until September to gather up a few more bucks…there will be a whole new window full of items!