Do You Have a Clue?

Board Game Night PosterThis is the second sneak-peek into our Fall programming…..and it’s all about having fun!

Tuesday nights just got a little brighter, with our family-friendly “Board Game Night” at the library. Drop in alternating Tuesdays this fall, starting September 22nd from 5-8pm to join in a game, start a new one, or just to watch. Where else could you have so much fun for free?

We’ll provide the games, so pop the kids into their pajamas and drop by to play a quick game before bed. No kids, but still like a good game of Monopoly? Bring some friends, or come alone….we’re sure to have others who will want to play a friendly game or two.

Our fall calendar will be available soon, so drop by to pick one up. It’s going to be all kinds of fun this fall at the library!


But I like the wheelbarrow!

Something very important is about to happen and you probably don’t know about it. The makers of Monopoly are in the process of eliminating one of the pieces in the classic board game. Yes, using a Facebook app, the makers of Monopoly are allowing people to vote on their favourite game tokens everyday, and choose a new token for the 21st century. And so far, the loser is the wheelbarrow.


The makers of Monopoly, Hasbro, are offering up several choices for the new tokens, such as: an anthropomorphic robot, a diamond ring, a guitar, a cat with a sparkly collar, and a helicopter. The original tokens are all symbolic of the working class, which is the theme of the Monopoly game, if you think about it. Everyone starts from the bottom and must make shrewd business moves in order to buy those houses and hotels and take over the board. The new tokens are slightly strange, if you look at it with respect to the whole game. But change is eventual in all things, and so Monopoly will evolve, too.

If you feel strongly about keeping your favourite token (even if it’s been years since you played the game), make sure you download the app and start voting today. Of course, if you already own the board game, you can play to your heart’s content with the original pieces until you choose to purchase a new version, so for the most part, this won’t really affect a lot of us. Even so, the wheelbarrow will always be my choice.