Get ready to vote!

Forest of Reading® voting night is almost here! We’ve got all the ballots, pencils and voting booths ready for the big night, which is THURSDAY, APRIL 26th from 6-7pm. (That’s THIS Thursday, for anyone who isn’t sure.)

This year, we tried a different category….The Blue Spruce™ Award for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  And what a success! We have almost 17 voters who read all 10 books in this category, which is our best showing ever! (And we may even have more by Thursday night.)

If you’ve read enough books to vote (we expect voters to have 8 books finished), don’t forget, voting starts at 6pm and then we’ll get right into the party! Yes, there will be cake! If your name isn’t on  our list, check with one of us at the front desk. We’ll sort it out!

Until Thursday…..keep reading!


One Month to Go!

For all our young Forest of Reading® participants, there’s only one more month to go. Don’t worry, it’s plenty of time to get enough books read in order to vote (all 10 books in The Blue Spruce™ Award category, and a minimum of 8 books in The Silver Birch™ Award (includes Express) category). We’ll make more of an announcement come voting time, but we have lots of young people reading the selections and crossing them off in our book one by one.

So far, I’d say the Blue Spruce kids are leading the pack with the most books read in our library.  We even have five kids who have finished all 10 books and are ready to vote!  During this last month, we’ll be a little more lenient about how many books kids can take home.  If it means getting more finished in order to qualify, we’re all for it! Keep reading, kids, and start thinking about which book is your favourite this year!