A librarian birthday party?

One of the sweeter things about my job is getting to work with children. As a children’s librarian, I run storytime twice a week during the fall and spring and each year, there are new little kids who attend.  They are always delightful, and you just never know what they are picking up. Often, moms will tell me that they’ve come across their little one reading to stuffed animals at home, just the way I do at storytime.  Or kids will tell me that they want to be a librarian just like me, which is awfully nice. So, the idea of a library themed birthday party might be something some of these moms might consider.

I came across this wonderful idea on the on-hand + modern blog, where one such mom did just that! She planned the party for 8 – 10 year olds and made cute little bags with glasses printed on them and even had the girls dress up with “librarian accessories” and took their photos.  You can see more of the pictures here.  They made bookmarks using the photos, played games like balancing books on their heads while they walked a distance, and the kids went home with booklights and the cool bags they’d made themselves.

So, how about a librarian birthday party for your next special day?