Ride your bike

These days, the cost of gas makes the idea of riding a bike even more attractive to a lot of people.  But it’s hard to keep the “cool” factor pulling up to work on your ten speed with your hair all smucked to your head from the helmet.  What if your bike was a bit more elegant, something to marvel at?  Would it coax you into trying?

Bicycle design has pretty much stayed the same since the original bicycles in the 19th century, aside from the fact that they’ve come down in size.  But bicycles could look so much more interesting and it seems that designers have finally caught on to that fact. The creative people at Hammacher Schlemmer have created an eight speed transmission electric bicycle (which kind of defeats the purpose of getting some exercise, but that’s neither here nor there).


And what about a folding bike that will save some space once you get to work?  In fact, you could bring the entire bike into your cubicle with you, instead of just the wheel. The Strida Folding Bike looks a little odd, but if it works, then I guess that’s all that matters.


Australian student designer Julie Anne Davies has come up with a unique helmet design that cools the rider, is more ergonomic and provides better safety in crashes.  Along with that, her Pulse Bicycle Safety Helmet features a USB port and Bluetooth capabilities to allow you to take your music along with you.


We have nice number of books on the subject of bicycles in the library, also, such as :

bicyclesBicycles by Robert Green


ZinnZinn & the art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Leonard Zinn

Of course, there are many more books to choose from but if you are interested in getting out your bike and taking to the streets or the trails, come on in and browse the shelves for some ideas.  You can also see more fun bicycle designs right here at the interesting site Been-Seen.