More Bees, Please!

Your weekly dose of cute comes courtesy of an adorable seventh grader who LOVES bees sooooo much, she started a blog about them! Beegether reads like a loveletter to bees, and those who care about their existence on our planet. The author, Natasha, posts photos, relevant news articles, and even has a newsletter that you can subscribe to if you love bees as much as she does!

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This is a fabulous example for anyone her age who feels passionately about something and wants to share it with others. I have a feeling this is one tween who isn’t taking selfies and leaving emoji-filled comments on her friends’ Snapchat and Instagram pages. Why aren’t there more globally-minded kids out there like her? I bet that there are, and with a little encouragement, we could be seeing more content like this online that is not only positive, but action-oriented.

Visit the site, take her survey, and sign up for that newsletter! Show her that bees are important to us all.

More Bees, Please!

beesBees are quickly becoming something we should be worried about…or their disappearance, to be exact. The use of pesticides, fewer varieties of crops in certain areas, and disease have all been blamed for their dwindling numbers. But we know that there is a huge interest in beekeeping, as we’ve seen in classes offered at the library in recent years. So it’s exciting to see a fun book like THE ROOFTOP BEEKEEPER by Megan Paska come across the desk.

Paska makes beekeeping look fun and trendy. The book reads like a typical crafter’s tome, with bright pages, fun descriptions and gorgeous photos. For those of us who aren’t in love with bees (but understand their importance), it almost makes the idea of beekeeping…delightful!

If you want to know more about the book, or about Paska herself, there is a lovely website called Farmer Meg’s Digest which is in keeping with the look of the book itself. Take a few minutes to go through it, and I guarantee she’ll have you longing for spring gardening! Drop in and take out her book if you’re thinking of starting your own apiary, or if you’re just interested in how it’s done.