Did they like the cookies?

Of course the visit by American President Barack Obama to Canada was exciting last week, and it certainly left an impression with the people of Ottawa.  Not only did he make his required appearances at the Ottawa Airport and Parliament Hill, but he took a few minutes before leaving the country to stop and pick up a few souvenirs for his wife and daughters.

You can see the maple leaf shaped shortbread cookies covered in red and white royal icing in the bottom left of this picture.  The cookies were $2.25 CDN each and the President offered a Canadian $20 bill across the counter but the owner of Le Moulin de Provence Bakery wouldn’t take it, offering the cookies as a gift for Obama’s girls. (Of course, the cookies sold out in a matter of minutes after people got word that the President bought some himself.)cookies

There had also been a quick trip by the Secret Service to the Beaver Tail Shack down the street to pick up one of Ottawa’s favourite winter specialties….a Beaver Tail!  This was apparently made on the spot for the President, the warm, flaky, doughy pastry drizzled with a chocolate and maple “O” and packaged up in a box for the trip home.  You can read more about the treats he bought here and here.

There is a fascinating slide show about President Obama’s visit to Canada at the White House Website. It has some great pictures of the day and you can see the delight on the faces of those who were present in his company that day.

We have a variety of new books in the library about President and Mrs. Obama.  They don’t stay on the shelves long, so if you spot one in the new bin, grab it up and read it before someone else does!

If you are interested in making some Beaver Tails of your own, there is a really cute video I came across featuring two adorable little  Canadian Chefs, Leanna and Maggie.  The beaver tails are smaller than you’d find down in the market, but they are a great alternative!  Enjoy!