Get Baking!

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off show, we have a new book at the library! THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF : GET BAKING FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY is a wonderful collection of all of the sweet treats you see them baking on the program, plus many more.

Someone I follow on social media has been doing a British Bake Off Challenge—she picks a recipe from the show and challenges herself to bake it for her family. Sometimes, the recipes are great, sometimes not. But the biggest thing she seems to take from it is trying something new. Plus, it’s a great weekly feature for her to keep followers coming back to see what she’s making next. I’m sure she’d love this new book!

The pages are filled with detailed instructions, and each recipe has a nice full-page colour photo. There’s everything from simple muffins to complex layered cakes and sweet pavlovas. And each recipe is designed as something special to make on those big occasions like birthdays, holidays, and oh, Thursdays.

You can pop into the library to get this book, or reserve it online and pick it up at a later date. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it! (And so will the people you feed!)

Let the Baking and Knitting Begin!

It’s fall, and that means we’re starting to think about holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you begun your holiday baking? Have you put together your baking list for all of those yummy things to go along with your turkey this weekend? Or have you spent inordinate amounts of time or money at the craft store lately, buying up soft, scrumptious wool?

If you answered “yes” to any of these things, we’ve got lots of great inspiration for you at the library. Fall books are all about food, knitting, crafts, and celebrating. Drop in to pick up something like Anna Olsen’s BAKE WITH ANNA OLSEN, or flip through DROP DEAD EASY KNITS by Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan, Kristen Kapur to see what you can make before the snow gets here. (I don’t even knit, and I want to make all the things out of this book!)

Of course, if baking and knitting aren’t your thing, we have many other wonderful books to choose from. You can see all of our new books in the scrolling box at the top of our website and place holds, or drop in and check out our new bin. Take home a great book for the long weekend!

Stop Baking!

20151106_100614-1Today is the last day to register for our Christmas Cookie Exchange at the library. If you haven’t had a chance to do any baking yet this year, don’t dismay! We’re here to help!

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Register at the library by 8pm tonight.
  • Go home and bake one type of Christmas cookie
  • Bring them back to the library at 7pm on Thursday, December 17th
  • Exchange cookies with other participants
  • Take home a wide variety of cookies to enjoy!

We’re taking the stress out of the holidays! Call us for more information at 257-2702.

Have you started your Christmas baking?

As I write this, my co-worker Judi is probably in her kitchen starting her Christmas baking.  I can almost smell the shortbread wafting in the air. I think it will be a few weeks yet before I start mine, but I am already planning for a few new recipes.  I am the type who would make brand new things each year if I could, but most of the people I will be baking and cooking for would prefer some tried and true recipes, old favourites.  They don’t like it when I venture out and try to make it a little more exciting.  But this year, I am going to try for both.  I’ll make a few standards and also a few new and exciting recipes.

I always sit down with my Christmas cookbooks when I’m planning and try to think of all the opportunities I’ll have, all of the meals that I could be cooking for, and all of the people who might drop by on the spur of the moment.  I want to be ready with a fabulous tray of cookies and warm apple cider in case someone comes by during a snowy afternoon.  I want to have the perfect meal to celebrate the holidays, that perfect little holiday party fare.

In reality, I never have a holiday party, and people rarely drop by unexpected.  We seem to do most of the “popping in” during the holidays, so I rarely need all this food.  But it is nice to dream.

If you are looking for some new recipes, we are always getting new cookbooks into the library.  There are many Christmas or Thanksgiving themed books to help out with those meals specifically, but you might also find a great recipe in a BBQ recipe book.  We subscribe to Bon Appetit magazine, so you can always find something in there that is a little off the beaten track, but surely delicious!

So what are you planning for Christmas?