We have a gorgeous art wall up at the library for the entire month of March. The Almonte Artists Association  came in this week and put up their artwork so that everyone can enjoy the talent of these local artists for a few weeks. IMG_4105

There are watercolours, oils, photographs and mixed media. Lots to look at and enjoy!  So drop in sometime this month and plan to spend a few minutes perusing the wall.  The colours remind us spring isn’t too far away now!

Snow Art!

Would you walk for seven hours a day in the snow?  Would you do it in very specific patterns…just to make art?  Simon Beck does! This creative artist uses snow as his medium to create amazing (and huge) geometric artworks! How long they last is completely up to Mother Nature, but he takes photos to document each one.

We certainly have enough snow here in Carleton Place to start thinking about doing something like this ourselves. Maybe it will inspire you to get outside with the kids, enjoy the fresh air and do something creative. You can follow Mr. Beck on Facebook hereWonderful!

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Stamp that, please.

Sometimes, when new patrons come to the Carleton Place Public Library after having used a larger city library, they comment on the fact that we still use a date-due stamp. While many libraries now use a computer print-off to remind you what you have out, we stamp our books with the due date.  You can still access your account online and see what you have out or renew your books, but we don’t give you a print-out.  Saving paper, right?

But Italian artist Federico Pietrella uses date stamps to create gorgeous pointillist pieces of art. Up close, you can see the stamp markings, but step back and the works come alive.  It’s hard to believe he does all this with a tiny rubber stamp! You can see more of his work by clicking here.

The really interesting thing about his art is that he always uses the current date on his pieces.  You can see the entire timeline he worked on a piece just by looking at the dates on the canvas. How creative!

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Van Gogh : Up Close

In early May, my husband and I went to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa to see the Van Gogh exhibit entitled Van Gogh : Up Close. We bought tickets weeks in advance to see this once-in-a-lifetime showing of over 40 of his works, assembled from private and museum collections, and it was well worth it. The exhibition is on until September 3rd, and if you’re thinking of going, it’s a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time. This exhibit has been drawing crowds all over the world, wherever it lands, and Ottawa is no exception.

Van Gogh’s Branches with Almond Blossom (one of the paintings on display at the National Art Gallery this summer)

There are so many wonderful works on display, including photographs and paintings that are believed to have inspired many of his paintings. It is well worth paying extra to enjoy the audio version of this exhibit as well.  You can walk around with a headset and hear more about most of the pieces, and some are even geared toward younger viewers. This is a fantastic opportunity to be able to stand mere inches from some of the most amazing paintings Van Gogh ever created.

If you’d like to read more about his work or life, we have plenty of great books in the library, such as:

Vincent van Gogh : The Life by Steven Neifeh

Van Gogh, a self portrait : letters revealing his life as a painter

What are you planning on seeing this summer?

Art at the library!

Once again, the bare walls at the library have been transformed with gorgeous artwork from the students of the Carleton Place Art Club. Drop by to see what the students of Donna Naprstek have done. It’s only here for the month of May, so hurry in!

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It’s a book! It’s a Mountain! No, it’s a book!

Artists are always finding creative ways to come up with something interesting and unique. Artist Guy Laramee is one of those ingenious people who uses books to make landscapes.  He carves several books out and places them together to make his hills and valleys and then adds paint where needed.  The results are fascinating!

Laramee is a Canadian who dabbles in all kinds of areas such as music, art and anthropology. His works are a way to make people think about the unknown and his Biblios project was recently featured in Montreal.  You can see more of his works here.

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