My husband is a collector.  He has a myriad of collections, and adds to them when he spots something fascinating on his occasional jaunts to junk shops, flea markets or antique shops.  Here is a unique little collectible that I’m sure he won’t be picking up any time soon (they’re $895 each!), but they certainly have charm and beauty!

Ducobi has created the world’s first collectible mother-of-pearl inlaid and laquered toy!

If you didn’t know,we have plenty of books at the library that will help you figure out if you’ve got something worth a few pennies, or a few million pennies, such as :

And if those don’t help, stop by the Antiques Roadshow website to view past episodes, see items they’ve valued or ask a question.  Or shop online and find that rare item you’ve been looking for at Go Antiques or eBay.  Just have fun with your collections and you’ll never be disappointed in their value!