And here we are…….

Hooray!!  This is our 1000th blog post!  I can hardly believe we’ve been keeping a blog for that long!  It honestly wouldn’t happen without all of our loyal readers, however, so we must say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for dropping by each day to see what we have to say.

Since we started posting back in October of 2007, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the blog.  It started out that month with 48 visitors total.  Yes, that’s 48 visitors in the entire month.  We now get anywhere from 250 – 500 on average per day.  We’ve had almost half a million visits to the blog as of this week, and I honestly never thought we’d see that number. Our busiest blog day ever occurred this past April, when we did a post on Green Eggs and Ham, if you can believe it. (Our blog was featured on the main WordPress page for the weekend, and we drew a wide variety of visits from around the world.) We were featured later this year again and managed our largest number of comments ever, after doing a post on secret book sculptures being left in Scotland libraries.  It seems that our readers are an eclectic bunch, but we appreciate each and every one of them.

A few things have changed within the library since we started the blog, too. It was my first full month as the Children’s librarian and we had a bit of a staffing juggle, taking on a new staff member as well. She’s since gone on to other things, but we now have another new staff member who we hope to keep for some time. We’ve had a number of library pages go through the doors, and two new teens have just joined our ranks.  We’ve had one summer student, about 10 kids in to do volunteer hours for their high school diplomas, and more programs than I can count. We have some new Library Board Members, and we’re just about to claim a new Library Chair, so this should be an exciting fall. We’ve added plenty of new shelving to both the adult and children’s section and we’re just about to add more, which means our collection is always expanding.  We’ve gone from audio books to ebooks, and from VHS to DVDs. We’ve added two new express computers and added a new front desk! (We even have new soap dispensers in the washrooms! Exciting, I know!)

So, for the next 1000 posts, I hope we’ll see as much change and movement in new directions as we’ve had so far, and I hope our patrons will continue to enjoy and support the library in a variety of ways.

Thanks for dropping by!