Hoopla is Here!

hooplaappIt’s February, and that means we’ve got LOTS of fun things going on at the library. You can drop by our library website to check the calendar, but stay here for a minute and take a gander at this great new addition: HOOPLA!


Hoopla is a fantastic streaming service that allows you to borrow movies, music, comic books, ebooks, audiobooks, and TV shows…all with your library card and PIN. And here’s the best part…you don’t have to go on any waiting lists… EVER! All titles are available to everyone, every time you log on.


There are two great ways to use this service——streaming on your computer, or through a device. To use your computer, go to http://www.hoopladigital.com and register. Or, if you have Windows 8 or higher, you can download the app and stream from your desktop that way.

If you want to use a device (phone or tablet), go to the Google Play store, or the App Store, and download the Hoopla App. With a device, you’ll be able to stream your content, or download it for later. It’s so easy, and super fun to use! Plus, you’ll be amazed at the selection.


You’ll need a library card and PIN, but it’s quite easy to get started. Drop by the site, sign in with your email address and a password, and you’ll be asked to set up your account. In a few easy steps, you’ll be streaming TV shows, entire music albums and more!


Because Hoopla is new to our library, you have a limit of FOUR items per MONTH. That means, select carefully. Once you’ve downloaded or streamed those four, you’ll have to wait until the next calendar month for more. But don’t worry, they’re always adding new content to the service, so you’ll have something great to watch or listen to. (And by the way, if you’re streaming or downloading a music album, the ENTIRE album counts as one download…it’s not per song.)


Ebooks and audiobooks go out for 21 days.

Music is available for 7 days.

TV and movies are available for 3 days.

Isn’t that easy? And once they expire, you just won’t be able to access them anymore. No returns, no fines.


If you’re used to downloading eBooks and audiobooks from our library,  you’re probably familiar with the issue of items not being available right away. And those long wait lists can be intimidating. We understand your frustration—it has to do with licensing, and there isn’t much that can be done about that. But Hoopla never has wait lists. You can download or stream whatever you want, when you want. It’s easy, and free with your library card.


Remember, streaming and downloading will require wifi or a data plan, but if you don’t want to use your own, stop by the library (or any other location with free wifi) and download your items to watch later.

It’s a fun new service, and we’re excited to get using it. Let us know what you think about it! Start Hoopla-ing today!

Creating Great Characters

2This is the second in our Winter Writing Series, and is for people who are interested in making more out of the characters they’re writing.

Join us on Tuesday, February 21 from 6-7pm for an interesting workshop on how to write great characters into your books or stories. Adults only, please. Registration is a must, so call us at 257-2702, or drop by the library for more information.

Legacy Journaling

weave-your-wisdom-for-generations-to-come-intoWe’re so excited to be able to have a special visitor, Canadian author Heather Tucker, share her expertise with us about legacy journaling on Wednesday, March 1st from 6-8pm. Heather is the author of THE CLAY GIRL, a story where imagination, creativity, and everyday heroes create an unforgettable legacy, a novel which is garnering praise left and right!

Heather will be helping participants to share their stories in creative ways that will allow them to pass down the journals through generations. She says,

You don’t have to be a writer, an artist, or a public speaker. If you have a memory or two, the ability to doodle with a pen or cut out a favourite quote, if you’re up for a bit of fun and laughter, then you have everything you need to begin a legacy journal.

Legacy journaling is more than recording genealogy and events. Using colour and collage, words and whimsy, wise quotes and simple strokes, the essence of what makes you, you, emerges. A legacy journal is not something you work at, it is all about imaginative play. The workshop will be hands on and provide resources and prompts to get you started.

Legacy journaling is a triple treat. Journaling helps us process feelings and makes sense of our lives. Play reduces stress, makes us smarter, and slows dementia. And recording for posterity our thoughts, joys, accomplishments, challenges, gratitudes…fosters meaning and purpose.

This two-hour event will be free, but registration is a MUST.  You can call us at the library to register today at 257-2702.  Heather will also be selling copies of THE CLAY GIRL for $20, cash or cheque, so bring along your funds if you’d like to grab up a copy. (Maybe she’ll even sign it!)

claygirlThis hands-on workshop is presented in partnership with the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum as part of the Canada 150 Celebrations. Jennifer Irwin will be bringing along a selection of journals from our local collection to highlight the stories of Carleton Place through the years. We can’t wait to see what she brings!

museum_logo_2011-150x150Get your journaling on! #Canada150

We’re Off to a Conference!

It’s that time of year…the Ontario Library Super Conference held in Toronto. (For any librarian who has attended in past years, this is also known as “Blizzard Week”.) Two of our library staff will be attending this year, and we’re looking forward to all the workshops, presentations, and networking!

jumbotron-foregroundThis year’s theme is “All In”, and it’s about doing everything we can to make libraries the spaces that patrons want, need, and don’t expect. We attend these conferences to get excited about programming, to learn from other libraries, and to just generally get inspired! Through daily workshops, visits with authors, a huge expo for all things library-related, and exciting speakers, we’ll bring back lots of new ideas to share with our library and our patrons.

Each year is a little different, and they’re always expanding the ways to keep us interested and enjoying the conference, and this year looks to be pretty special. Morning yoga classes, runs along the Harborfront, a special Storytelling event, a library “store”, ideahubs, speed networking, and a host of other fun daily events should get us up early and keep us going until we hit our pillows, exhausted.

Our attendance this year is extra special–we’re up for a special library award called the Angus Mowat Award for Excellence for library programming. It was super exciting just to make the short list, so while we’ll enjoy the whole dinner/presentation event, it was enough just to be asked.

If you’d like to know more about what’s going on this year, what authors will be attending, or what special speaking events we might be attending, drop by the website and browse. Next week, we’ll have a rundown of the best, and hopefully even a few photos to share.

Personal Space Cards

Just a little laugh, because we all need one now and again.

Artist Michael Pederson in Sydney, Australia is creating amazing—and subtle—art installations around Sydney that look like regular street signs and such, but with a twist. My favourite happens to be his “Personal Space Cards”. I think we all need a set of these to carry around.

miguel-6You can see all of the amazingly funny signs and more on his Instagram page @miguelmarquezoutside

Take a few minutes to scroll through….I dare you not to laugh.