We’re planning…but for what?

If you can solve this, you’ll know what we’re busy planning. Just click on this link, and you’ll be whisked away to some fun!






Artist John Atkinson has taken some of the world’s best known books and given them a twist–book covers with a brief spoiler filled with humour. Books like MOBY DICK ( Man vs. Whale. Whale wins.) and WAR AND PEACE (Everyone is sad. It snows.), are reduced to two simple thoughts. But aren’t they brilliant?

I’m not sure the abridged versions would hold up as Coles notes for teens who don’t want to read the books, but they’re not wrong. And Atkinson’s simple line illustrations and milky colours make these absolutely hilarious. You can see a fun collection of the books at this link.

Can you think of your own versions of classic books that could be told in two brief statements?



Turtles All the Way Down

Young Adult author John Green has FINALLY written a new book, to be published on October 10, 2017. It will be called TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, and is what Green says is his “first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood.”

TURTLES is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara (which are lizards, for anyone who isn’t sure). Fans of John Green having been waiting six years for the follow up to his hugely popular THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and while TURTLES has no relation to the book, it is bound to have Green’s signature style, witty banter, and quirky characters.

You can place a hold now for the book at our website. All you need is your library card and PIN. This is going to be a very popular and requested book, so get your holds in early to avoid waiting until next summer to read it!


Beach Reads

Publisher Simon & Schuster is working on a new campaign to help you find some great summer beach reads. Not only are they suggesting employee suggested favourite reads, they’re making fun videos with beach themes, suggesting fun recipes to make for a beach-themed book club meeting, and more.

If you’re interested in something different this summer, use the hashtag #WhatBeachWhatBook to find your next read. What a fun campaign…even if summer feels like it might pass us by entirely!


While we’re sad to see our friend Maren leave, we’re excited to welcome a new member to our staff—Alexine! Alexine joins us as the new Materials Processing Clerk, and she’ll be cataloging and taking care of our Interlibrary Loans starting this week.

If you happen to be in the library and see a new face, say hello to Alexine!