Carleton Place is Fantastic!

It’s the day before the Bridge Street Bazaar here in Carleton Place, and we’re excited. If you’re not familiar with the event, the entire length of Bridge Street will be closed from 9am – 4pm Saturday, August 3rd, so that everyone can walk downtown and visit all the great tables, stores and special shows. There will be over 100 vendors with their goods on display and lots to see and do. Come hungry, because there are always lots of fun places to eat. Have a slice of pizza, some of Mike’s fries, or even some Vietnamese food!  The possibilities are almost endless! Check out the link above to see everything that will be happening, rain or shine!

We’re excited that this year, we’ve got a fun event happening during the bazaar.  You can drop in this week to pick up the information, or grab a handout when you park in the library parking lot Saturday morning. We’ll have a table set out and friendly people to answer your questions. What are we doing?  We’re asking you to “GO!” to some of our favourite spots in Carleton Place as part of the TD Summer Reading Club, and take a photo. That’s it!  And there will be PRIZES!!


All you need is a phone that can download the FOURSQUARE app.  Once you register, you can find CP Library and we’ll add you to our friends list. Then, just go to each of the places listed in our “GO! CARLETON PLACE!” list and use the hint to take a photo. If you have Facebook, upload it there and hashtag it as #cplibrary.  Or do the same on Instagram!  We’re excited to see how many people will participate.  It’s going to be fun, and you have until Friday, August 9th to finish the task in order to qualify for the prizes.

Just a reminder, the library will be closed on Monday, August 5th, for the long weekend. We’ll see you Tuesday!

Go! Carleton Place!

This Saturday, during the Bridge Street Bazaar in Carleton Place, we’re planning a special library event. It’s called GO! Carleton Place, and we’re inviting everyone (children, teens and adults) to participate! 


We’re starting at 9am, and it will run all day during the Bazaar, but we’re going to give everyone time to get their entries in. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Drop in and pick up a brochure.

2. Download the FOURSQUARE app to your iPhone, tablet or Android device.

3. Register.

4. “Find your Friends”.  We’re listed as CP Library .  Just “add” us and we’ll accept!

5. Once we accept you, check out our list called “GO! CARLETON PLACE!”

6. Visit each spot on our list.  “Check in” & follow the tip. (You’ll have to take a photo and upload it to Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #cplibrary so we can see it!)

That’s it!  We’ll tabulate all the photos/check-ins and notify people who have won prizes.  All entries must be finished by Friday, August 9/13 at 5:30pm to be eligible for prizes.

What are the prizes??

We’ll have one for Youth entries (ages 0 – 12) …a Walmart Gift Card    &   one for Adult entries (13+)……a Starbucks Gift Card!

Any questions? Drop by the library or ask us here!  It’s going to be fun. Get out and GO!

We’re Back!

It was a whirlwind weekend, but we’re back from Winnipeg! This summer’s theme is GO!, so it couldn’t have been more appropriate to get up and GO! to Winnipeg on a journey!

winnipeg1At the Ottawa Airport early, early, early.  It was sunny, sweltering and busy. Arriving in Winnipeg, it was freezing, raining and quiet. Quite a change!


There were plenty of things going on at the Canadian Library Conference. Exhibits, workshops and more.


The closing ceremonies were about to begin. We had front row seats for the TD Summer Reading Club Awards.


Our seat markers.


Representatives from Library and Archives Canada & the TD Bank talked about how important summer reading at the library is for children.


The two giant screens displayed a slideshow of the winning libraries’  best shots from the summer of 2012. This was our giant reading wall on display for the beginning of the award ceremony.


The slideshow.


The stats for last summer.


Our award announcement. Yay!


Accepting the award was exciting and nerve-wracking!


Congratulations to the Queen’s Square Branch of the Cambridge Public Library!


Honorable mention winners.

20130601_171203Our special plaque. We’re so thrilled to be recognized!

We’ll have lots of news about the upcoming summer theme, but for now, this is our first taste of GO! We’re excited to get started!

Are You Going to Travel?

Our summer theme this year is GO!  Since the warmer months are a great time for people to take off on car trips, or even off to more lofty destinations, I thought you might like to know about a great new way to chronicle your trip.

Tripographer combines our love of vacation photos with our obsession to share with our friends.



Even if you just have a “staycation”, this is a fun way to make your photos stand out.  Once you upload and edit, connect the photos as a slideshow, add a Google Street View option and share with your friends on all your favourite social media sites!


Travel to a book!

At the beginning of our lives, many of us grow to love books. The stories often take place in magical settings or simply places we’ve never been and so seem magical to little readers. I came across a wonderful blog post about popular children’s books and the places that inspired them.  The comments below the article are just as interesting, with a small argument going on about the origins of Winnie the Pooh.


Just click on the link above, or on the picture to go to the site and read more. A fun way to waste a few minutes!

Educate, Entertain, Empower!


In the last part of January, we’re off to Super Conference 2013 in Toronto, the annual conference for all things librarian! We spend three days going to workshops, listening to amazing speakers, and visiting the country’s largest library trade show. It’s a lot of fun and we come away with plenty of great new ideas for programs, policies and most importantly…our patrons. It helps us make our library better, stronger and more relevant in our community, so we’re lucky to be able to attend year after year.

And while the conference is still over a month away, we are busy choosing which workshops we want to attend. And believe me, it’s difficult to choose; there are SO many exciting options. If the events aren’t cancelled or too full, I’m looking forward to attending a Forest of Reading® winners showcase where authors talk about their experiences with the program, and another one called Confessions of a Social Media Librarian. And Janet is thrilled to be able to hear her favourite author, Louise Penny, speak. Maybe she’ll even get an autograph! (I’m bringing my camera, Janet, so we’ll get a picture if that happens!)

You can drop by the website and see all of the wonderful things happening during our stay in Toronto.  We’ll post lots on our Facebook page as it happens and then do a recap when we get back in February, but you might find it interesting to see everything we’ll be up to.  And mark your calendars, because if past years are any indication, there will be a massive snowstorm here in Carleton Place that Wednesday, January 30th morning.



Being a children’s librarian, I have favourite picture book illustrators. There are some artists who never fail to capture the sense of the book and usually, these are the books that I love to read to children again and again.  Recently, Daisuke Tsutsumi, the art director at Pixar, came up with the idea for a picture book to raise funds for the literacy project called Room to Read. His idea was to create a picture book that traveled to artists and illustrators around the globe and the project spanned over 6 years and 56, 000 miles of travel.

Sketchtravel was born.  Each artist would illustrate one blank page and then hand deliver the book to the next artist on the list.  At the end, the original book was auctioned off and funds were donated to Room to Read, but not before several editions were created for the general public to purchase (a $40 version and a $250 collector’s edition). You can see more about this wonderful project right here.

What a fantastic idea and every page is something new and amazing! This could be done so many times, with new themes or ideas for a story that illustrators could contribute to. Take a few minutes to look at the artwork.  It’s pretty amazing!