Happy Labour Day!

We might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s going on this fall at the library! Check out our latest Fall calendar for kids, and the one for teens and adults. We have plenty of great things coming up—most require registration, so please make note of the dates to start signing up, as things will fill up quickly!


Toddlers at the Library

We love having toddlers at the library! And our Toddler Time session is back for the fall.

This session is for children aged 12-24 months, and includes lots of books, activities, early literacy skills, and more. Join us for these 6 weeks….it’ll be the last toddler session before the new year, so make sure to register early.

See you in September!

Book Buck Spending Week!

It’s Book Buck Spending Week #1 next week! We’re setting up the window, and filling it with lots of great items to purchase with those book bucks! If you have a teen reader who has been reading and collecting book bucks, remind them to stop in next week to see what we have. Drop in every day (the window will be constantly changing), or wait until the September spending week to get the most out of your book bucks!

This is what we’ve been waiting for all summer!

Hey Toddlers!

We’re almost done with babies, and that means we’re thinking about Toddlers now. Join us for a fun five-week session of stories, early literacy games, rhymes and more. It’s going to be a busy morning, but lots of fun, too!

This program runs Thursday mornings at 9:30am, from Oct. 26 – Nov. 30. Register your child aged 1-2 years old by calling 257-2702, or dropping by the library anytime before the session begins.

Toddlers at the Library

toddlerWe’re just finishing up with babies this fall, and now it’s almost time for Toddlers again! We love when these little ones come for toddler time—sessions filled with stories, songs, rhymes, and even some American Sign Language!

If you have a child aged 1-2 years old, we’re taking registrations beginning Wednesday, October 19th, for our Thursday morning sessions that start on November 3rd. Each session will last about 25 minutes, and is a great transition between babytime and storytime. It’s all about learning some literacy skills, and having a great time at the library.

These sessions tend to be sort of small, so if you’re not a fan of the big groups (like babytime and storytime), this might be a nice way to introduce your child to the library, and to get out of the house. Give us a call this week, or drop by the library to sign up in person. We can’t wait!

The Toddlers are Coming!

It’s almost July, and that means we’re getting back into programs again. This month, we’re starting registration for our Toddler sessions on Thursday mornings at 9:30am, for children aged 1-2 years old. This is always a fun morning, full of wiggly toddlers who will have fun listening to stories, learning some sign language, and getting in a few secret early literacy skills.  It’s also fun for the parents, and you’ll have lots of time to check out items after the session.

Please drop in or give us a call to register so that we can save you a space. The program is a great transition for kids coming from babytime, who aren’t quite ready to jump into Storytime with the big kids. If you have any questions, give us a call at 257-2702 or drop in to get more information.