Teen Art Show

We’re just over a week away from our Teen Art Show on Friday, October 19th.  We still have tickets available for $5 each at the library, or you can get them at the door. You won’t want to miss this!


Teen Art Show

Tickets are on sale now for our first ever Teen Art Show at the library. Join us on Friday, October 19th from 6-8pm for “TEN: Ten Teen Artists, One Gala Evening”.

Ten local teens have been painting, drawing, taking photos, and much more to get ready for this special event. We’ll have all their work on display, plus some refreshments, so make sure to attend this fun evening to see what teens in our community are creating. The talent will surprise you!

You can pick up tickets now at the Carleton Place Public Library for $5 each, or get one at the door on the night of the event. All proceeds will go toward the Summer Literacy Tutoring Program for 2019. It’s a great cause, and it will be a fun evening. Don’t miss it!

Podcast and a Book!

It was inevitable…a multi-media version of a book, but not in the way you might think. We’re used to audiobooks, and podcasts, but a new book by YA author Courtney Summers does something a little different.

The first half of SADIE is narrated by the protagonist, in this true-crime YA novel mix. The second half of the book is told through supposed podcast transcripts told from the perspective of a fictional radio journalist.  And now, the transcripts have come to life in a podcast called The Girls, adapted straight from the book. Isn’t this a fun way to get into a book?

You can hear the podcast now free on iTunes, and read the book which just came out on September 4/18 to get the most of out of the story. Let’s hope this becomes a bit of a regular thing!

Most Popular Posts?

Did you know that one of our most popular posts on this blog has been the “Book in a Jar” post? Back in 2014, we ran a fun passive program for teens during a March Break event, and our Book in a Jar was super fun…and very tricky! We cut up a few pages of three very popular YA books at the time, and tucked them into three little jars…line by line. Teens had to try to guess what book it was from what they could see.

And this post tends to be one of our most searched items, showing up in quite a few Pinterest boards, and getting photo permission requests. We thought it was fun, and hopefully, other libraries have tried it and had success.

Maybe we should do a version for our adult readers next?

Book Bucks!

Next week is our last Book Buck Spending week of 2018! If you know a teen who has been reading and collecting all summer long, remind them to drop in next week anytime. We’ll have plenty of great items up for grabs.

Did you know that in the first Book Buck Spending week of the summer, teens handed in $117 in Book Bucks. That means they read 117 books….and we know there are plenty more out there to be spent. It’s going to be an exciting week!

Happy Labour Day!

We might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s going on this fall at the library! Check out our latest Fall calendar for kids, and the one for teens and adults. We have plenty of great things coming up—most require registration, so please make note of the dates to start signing up, as things will fill up quickly!

Book Bucks

It’s the second last day of our Book Bucks Spending Week #1. We still have LOTS of great things in the window to purchase. But don’t worry…if your teen has been reading all summer and can’t make it this week, there will be another spending week starting September 10th.

Just what are the teens purchasing this summer? Candy is always a popular choice, but they’re going techie, picking up LOTS of Archie comics, and enjoying new school supplies. It’s always fun to see them come in and really think about what they want to buy! And all they had to do was read!