Win a Library Gold Card!

1We’re doing something special this summer….Library Gold Cards! This is going to be a fun way to get people to join our summer reading programs, and also to give a few lucky winners a bit of a break this summer. Our Library Gold Cards will give our patrons freedom from paying fines from July 9th through August 31st, 2016!  Wouldn’t you like to own one of these?


Adults have one whole week to sign up, starting July 4th. All you have to do is come to the library and register for our Adult Summer Reading program. It doesn’t cost a thing, and we’ll be giving away lots of fun prizes all summer long…just for reading books you enjoy!

Children and teens can come to the Library Lemonade Stand on Thursday, June 30th to register for the TD Summer Reading Club, and Book Buck Bingo. We’ll enter your names into a draw to take place on July 11th. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners!


Library Gold Card holders will be entered into our system, so the benefits will not be transferable between patrons. That means, whoever owns the card will be the only person to reap the rewards.

No need to worry about forgetting to bring your Gold Card, either. Once you are in our system, it will automatically be activated.


We’re going “WILD” this summer, so this is a special program just for July and August. Once Summer Reading is finished, the Gold Cards will revert back to regular library cards.  But don’t worry, you’re all special to us every day of the year!



Rock the Drop

ROCK(1)We’re celebrating Teen Book Day with our Nerd Herd Teen Book Club, and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Our teens will be dropping great YA books around town today. You might find one outside of a store, on a park bench, or in a parking lot. They’ll have special “FREE BOOK” bookmarks sticking out of the top, so keep an eye out. Find a book, read it, or pass it on to someone you know who might like it. The books are meant to be kept…not returned to the library…and shared.

We’re Rocking the Drop!


Hark, Young Writers!

Shakespeare_Selfie_2016_620Calling all young writers in Grades 7 – 12….it’s the 2016 CBC Books Shakespeare Selfie Challenge!! No, they don’t want you to take a photo of yourself dressed like Shakespeare…they want you to do a modern take on one of Shakespeare’s best ideas….the soliloquy! After all, Shakespeare was doing his best to speak to his audience through them, just like young people do with their camera phones today.

Drop by the website, click on the link, and download the topic PDF.  Then, write 200-400 words on the subject, and you’re on your way! There are great examples on the site, so you won’t be wondering just how to do this, and you’ll even get to know the judge a bit.  Did I mention there is an iPad mini up for grabs for each age group? Why are you waiting? Go and do this now!

Find out everything at the CBC Books Shakespeare Selfie Challenge website.

Now, go forth, and write thee a soliloquy!

The Nerd Herd Meets Again!

cityofbonesThis month, the Nerd Herd Teen Book Club has been reading Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF BONES, the first in The Mortal Instruments series. Despite the kind of cheesy cover, most of the kids I’ve talked with so far have been enjoying the book, and are probably going to continue on with the series.

Perfectly timed, this month, a huge controversy between authors Cassandra Clare and Sherrilyn Kenyon erupted over the alleged plagiarism of Kenyon’s DARK HUNTER series. If you’ve read some of the issues surrounding the accusations, it sure brings about a lot of questions. While Clare originally started writing fan-fiction based on Kenyon’s books, are things like demons and vampires copyrightable? The argument there is that there are things available to every writer–such as creatures and lore–that no author should be able to claim as their own. It’ll be interesting to see how far this goes in the courts, and what it means for other authors writing similar stories.

But, aside from that, the Nerd Herd will have lots to talk about when it comes to this book. We haven’t read one this big yet, so I’ll be interested to see who makes it all the way through.

The Nerd Herd meets on Wednesday from 4-5:30pm here at the library. If you have a teen who has read this and would be interested in coming in for a chat and some snacks, have them drop by!


We Have a Crush!

BOOK(1)We’re having a Book Crush!

Yes, it’s that time of year again….February….and we thought we’d offer our young readers just as much fun as our adults. If you’ve taken part in our Blind Date with a Book in the past, you’ll know how exciting it is to pick out one of our specially selected books, all covered up in pretty paper, with no idea what it might be. Will your Blind Date with a Book be successful, or leave you wanting to go back to tried and true favourite authors? It’s a gamble, but a fun one.

This month, we’re doing a slightly different version for kids and teens. It’s called “Book Crush”, and it will run through the month of February. The book selections will be available in our Kids Corner, and in the Teen Zone. All readers have to do is pick a book (there will be age ranges and a little teaser for each posted on each book), take it home, and then bring back the rating card to be eligible for some fun prizes at the end of the month. It’s that easy!

Let’s have a book crush in February!

The Girl Who Owned a City

357933 The Girl Who Owned a City Graphic NovelThis month in our Teen Book Club, the Nerd Herd has been reading O.T. Nelson’s THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY. We’re such a diverse group of readers, so it was really great to be able to order a variety of formats for this one: regular, and a graphic novel version. We’re getting together on Wednesday to discuss it in detail.

I was surprised at how much I liked this book, which was published in 1975, and how it was really one of the precursors to the Post-Apocalyptic YA novels that are so popular with today’s readers. A mysterious virus turns every adult to dust within weeks, and suddenly, the only people left on Earth are children. It’s full of adventure and struggle, and lots of decisions to be made by the characters as they find their way in a new society, and I found it easy to read and really quite current.

If you have a teen (aged 12+) who might want to join our Nerd Herd, we’ve still got a few spaces left for the rest of this season. We meet monthly, on the last Wednesday of the month from 4pm-5:30pm. While we read books and then talk about them, we certainly have great discussions about other topics, including movies, music, sports and more. It’s a fun session, and everyone usually goes home excited, full of snacks, and looking forward to reading the next book on our list.

Next up? Cassandra Clare’s  CITY OF BONES.


Surprise HoldsWe’re starting a fun new program for TEENS—surprise holds!  Starting today, teens can add their library card numbers to the list in the Young Adult section of the library, and we’ll put a SECRET book on hold for them. It might be a brand new book, or a must-read that’s been super popular. Whatever they get, it’ll be a fun way to try new authors.