Teens at the library

We have so many fun programs for teens at our library. This summer, we’re continuing with the Teen Summer Reading calendar, which includes lots of fun items, including books to win, challenges, and the ever popular Book Buck Bingo card. Readers will try to read according to the squares, earn book bucks for reading, and spend them at the end of the summer on fun items like gift cards, books, and more.

We’re starting to take applications for the Teen Art Show in October, so drop in to pick one up if you have a teen who loves to create. There are no limits to what they can contribute—last year we had illustrations, paintings, crafts, and even a stop-motion animated story!  It was amazing.  Applications are due by August 31st to be considered.

We’re also going to be putting out applications for our library Teen Advisory Group. This is a great way for teens to earn volunteer hours for school, while having fun and doing great things for the library. Past groups have organized events, represented us in local festivals, and held fund-raising bake sales. Meetings are every month from September to June, and only require participants to take part for 1.5 hours a month. Extra events can earn more hours, but it’s not a requirement. It’s a great way to support the library!

Our Teen Book Club will be starting up again in the fall–although with a somewhat different format. Due to the Interlibrary Loan restrictions, we’ll be reading with themes this year–a popular activity we tried last year. Themes will be announced in August, and teens who want to attend only need to read a book by a certain author, or within a certain genre, and be prepared to talk to the group about it briefly. It’s a super casual meeting once a month, and includes tons of snacks, and laughter. Only ages 12 and up can join, so watch for our announcement later this summer when registration opens up!

And we’ll have some special excitement opening up later this fall in the teen area. Stay tuned for more!

It’s here!

Our summer calendar has just gone out!  We’re excited to have so much going on—and still coming off our big win from last year’s TD Summer Reading Club!  It’s going to be a great summer!

Download our calendar here, or drop into the library to pick up a printed copy. We have special activities planned for each day, along with running our version of the TD Summer Reading Club, Teen Summer Reading, and Adult Summer Reading. There’s something for everyone!

The List

Do you have a teen who might be looking for something interesting to read? The Toronto Public Library runs a great service for teens called “The List”. They interview teen readers in their branches about great new books they’ve read, and why they thought they were fantastic.

Drop by their page to hear more, and get a new reading list for summer!

Empowering Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

If you follow A Mighty Girl on Facebook or their blog, you’ll know that this site is all about empowering girls, and the promotion of others who are doing the same. Recently, they did a great post about Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults that have strong female protagonists, that show a character facing a serious issue, and those that bring a deeper level to the story than your typical graphic novel for children.

Graphic novels are super popular with teens, and while a lot of parents and teachers tend to frown on the idea of promoting “comic” books to teens, graphic novels are much more than just stories with pictures. They usually tell one long tale, as opposed to some comics that feature many different stories under one cover, and the artwork can be amazing! Plus, if a teen is reading, it doesn’t matter if they’re pouring over the cereal box—they’re reading! Encourage them to pick up some of these books from the library, or keep the list and purchase several for their next birthday or special event.

You can find the entire article on the Mighty Girl website, along with a detailed list of great graphic novels like the ones featured above. Get your teen interested…and empowered!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have a little treat for all of our patrons today at the library. The Carleton Place Public Library Teen Advisory Group this year consists of six teens who are always working hard to imagine new things they can do for the library. Back in January, they had the idea that it would be nice to give something back—to make people happy on Valentine’s Day, even if they’re not expecting a paper card or box of chocolates.

Today, we will have a basket of sweet treats for anyone who drops in, each one tagged with a little “love” note from the TAG group. They spent their last meeting getting these ready, and while they won’t be here to hand them out all day (they’re all in school today), we know they’re looking forward to hearing if people enjoyed them.

So, stop in today and pick up a Valentine from the TAG group. Adults preferred (the kids will get stuff at school), but they’re here for anyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the CP Library TAG group!

(And if you’re looking for a last minute non-candy Valentine treat idea, why not take a look at these ideas from Say Yes.)

Teen Poetry Show!

The Carleton Place Public Library Teen Advisory Group has dreamed up a fun event for the March Break for teens. We’re having a poetry slam night!

Applications for this event are available now at the library. Drop by if you love to perform your poetry, or if you’d like us to display it only. It’s going to be a fun night to spend with your friends, and hear some great performances!

Make sure to get your application in before February 28, and we’ll contact you about taking part. Ages 12 and up only.

What to Read Next…Part 2

Teens are a BIG part of our library, and we always get excited about new books coming out because we know they’ll be by to get their names on the waiting lists. With all of the tech possibilities in young peoples’ lives these days, you’d think that more of them would be downloading eBooks or audiobooks. But they like real books, books they can take home, books they can break out while waiting for the bus, and books they can fall asleep devouring. So what are some of the exciting new or soon-to-be new releases for young adults this December? We’ve chosen a few gems…


Mafi’s SHATTER ME series came out around the same time as THE HUNGER GAMES, and readers took these books and ran with them, excited about strong female protagonists, and exciting post-apocalyptic settings. But A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA is a million miles away from that. Mafi tells the tale of a sixteen-year-old Muslim girl living in a post 9/11 America who uses music and break-dancing to ease some of her frustration with the world. Mafi says this is her most autobiographical book to date–including the fact that she used to break dance in high school. If you follow her on social media, you’d never expect this very fashionable new mom to know anything about break dancing (she’s married to fellow YA author Ransom Riggs), but wouldn’t you know it, she posted recent video doing exactly that. She still has the moves all these years later, and this book is ready to take the world by storm. It will appeal to contemporary fiction readers, as well as any teen who feels they don’t fit into their world.

TOWER OF DAWN by Sarah J. Maas

The latest in the THRONE OF GLASS series is TOWER OF DAWN by best-selling author Sarah J. Maas. This book already has a waiting list in our library, and will probably not linger on the shelves once the list dwindles. Fans love, love, love her lightning-paced fantasy novels, and the strong female protagonists who weave their way through her stories, and this book will surely be another fan-favourite soon enough. Maas has a fantastic website, with lots of interesting things from playlists to go along with her books, to detailed maps of the worlds she writes about. If you’re looking for a series to get readers started on, you won’t go wrong picking this book up along with the others.

WHAT IF IT’S US by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

Both Albertalli and Silvera are best-selling authors in their own rights, but together, they make a powerhouse team, and WHAT IF IT’S US has had a strong social media following since they announced they’d been penning something together. It’s a summer romance–with a bit of a twist, and will appeal to readers of both contemporary YA, and those looking for more diversity in their stories. A few interesting things to note about the authors…Silvera claims to be tall for no particular reason, and Albertalli is an extraordinarily picky eater. For those reasons alone, you have to know this book will be a good laugh (and maybe a few tears….).


Based on the hit Broadway show by the same name, DEAR EVAN HANSEN is sure to be a hit with readers as well. Emmich wrote this novel with help from the creators of the show, which tells the story of a boy who finds himself embroiled in a huge lie he never meant to tell, and the good that comes of it…eventually. The songs in this musical are everywhere, and readers will probably come to this book because they’ve seen the play, or at least heard some of the score. But they’ll be sure to come back to this book again and again. Emmich is a writer, singer-songwriter, and actor, so he gets the intricacies of the work, and will hopefully gain a few new fans along the way. We’re sure that readers will think “today’s going to be an amazing day” if you put this book under the tree.

Join us tomorrow for our last installment of What to Read Next, when we’ll be sharing some new books for kids.