It’s Almost Time!


While we’re still a week away from starting up fall programs, we’re busy planning everything in sight. First up, it’s Book Buck Spending Week #2!  And while we had lots of teens in to spend their book bucks in the first week, we know there are still plenty of those little green bucks out there. Plus, we have TONS of great things still to spend them on!

So, starting Monday, Sept. 8th….drop in anytime to spend the Book Bucks.  We’ll be re-filling the window all week long, so if you still have a book or two to finish, you can keep collecting. But don’t save these bucks for next year….once Sept. 8 – 13th is over, your book bucks will be no good. So, plan on a spending spree next week. Can’t wait to see everyone!

She is fearless!

We like to have fun at the library. And a big part of that has been our summer student, Emma, and her creative talents that keep our young patrons happy and coming back for programs. So this week, we thought we’d challenge her to a little bit of crazy we’re calling the first ever “Carleton Place Public Library Great Scavenger Hunt for Emma!” 

She has a list of items to try to complete this week, and so far, she’s done such an amazing job, I’m wondering why we haven’t done this in the past!

First up this week, she created a Twitter account for a sparkly stapler that gets a lot of attention at the library. If you tweet, give it a follow. It’ll be fun, I’m sure!


Next, she was challenged to create a stained glass window craft (because she’s so crafty with the kids!), that featured a character either from THE LORD OF THE RINGS, or ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  We came into work and found this lovely taped to the window!


But the topper on Monday was her challenge to drive through the local Tim Hortons to pick up some timbits for the library. Sounds easy, right?  Not even close!  Her challenge was to order in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, and she’d get bonus points if it rhymed. She even managed to get her brother to help, giving him the cinematography credit on this great video. Check out this great link to watch the video, and be ready to laugh!

It’s going to be a fun week. Keep an eye on our Facebook page if you want to see more!



Spend, Spend, Spend!

It’s finally here…the first week in our crazy, fabulous Book Bucks Spend-a-thon!  It only lasts one week, but don’t worry, if you can’t make it or don’t have enough Book Bucks yet, there’s still another week coming up in September!



How does it work? Our teens have been reading all summer, trying to accomplish all of the spaces on our Book Buck Bingo card.  It’s a challenge, but they’re doing well! We’ve seen readers avidly looking for a book with a one-word title, readers who have charged through a series this summer, and readers who have crafted a little something for us. It’s been lots of fun, and hopefully, everyone has a pocket full of book bucks.



What can they buy?  There are books, candy, movies, toys, jewelry, games, and much more, including several SURPRISE buys! The best thing is, the window will change almost everyday as people spend their bucks. So, our readers will have to keep coming back if they want to make sure to get something special.

20140811_102431Happy Spending!


Your Mission…

Have you read a good book lately and you’d like to recommend it? We have a fun mission happening this week at the library. Just leave a Post It note in the front of a book you enjoyed, to let someone else know it’s a good choice! Then take a quick photo and post in  on our Facebook page or Instagram with the hashtag #cplibrary.


Don’t worry…we don’t mind Post It notes….just don’t write on the book.

We can’t wait to see what people are recommending!

Have You Been Reading?

We’ve been having a great time at the library this summer, and what’s been most exciting is seeing our adult readers win prizes! As part of our Goodies for Grown Ups program, participants read whatever books they like and then come back and ask for their “Lucky Library Lotto” card! We’ve had TONS of lucky winners so far. Have you been one?

lisaOur first winner with her proud daughter!

We must give a huge thank you to the wonderful local businesses that provided us with the prizes this summer, including:

Tim Hortons

Milano Pizzeria

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

And it isn’t over yet!  We still have lots of great prizes to be given away, so if you’re a part of our program, keep reading!  And don’t forget to tell us you’re part of the program….we don’t always remember, and we want to give you your card.

Happy Reading!

Do You Have Your Tickets?

Yoshi poster

Yes, we still have lots of tickets available for Yoshi: Juggler Extraordinaire on Thursday, July 24th at 10am. We’ll meet you at the Carleton Place Town Hall Auditorium where we’ll enjoy a show by this talented performer!  This is a perfect event for ages 4 and up, and yes…parents need a ticket, too!

If you’re interested, tickets are on sale now at the library for $3 each (children & adults), but we’ll also have some available on the morning of the event for $4 each (parents and children). Why not save yourself a little money and drop by the library today to pick them up! You won’t want to miss this, and it’s a great event to take part in, rain or shine!

Are You Up For a Challenge?

2014-07-14 00.21.06


If you’re up for a challenge, join us weekly at the library for something new! Each mission involves finding something in the library and taking a photo. It’s not too tricky, but it might take some thinking. All we ask you to do then is upload your photo to the Carleton Place Public Library Facebook page, to Twitter, or to Instagram. Use the hashtag #cplibrary so we can see what you’ve done.

Last week we were looking for photos of our patrons and the biggest book in the library. This week, your mission is to take out a new cookbook and make one of the recipes. Then, take a food photo of whatever you’ve made and share it with us!  We’d love to see your masterpiece!

Keep watching our Facebook page, or drop into the library each week to see every new mission. They’re going to happen all summer!