Win a Library Gold Card!

1We’re doing something special this summer….Library Gold Cards! This is going to be a fun way to get people to join our summer reading programs, and also to give a few lucky winners a bit of a break this summer. Our Library Gold Cards will give our patrons freedom from paying fines from July 9th through August 31st, 2016!  Wouldn’t you like to own one of these?


Adults have one whole week to sign up, starting July 4th. All you have to do is come to the library and register for our Adult Summer Reading program. It doesn’t cost a thing, and we’ll be giving away lots of fun prizes all summer long…just for reading books you enjoy!

Children and teens can come to the Library Lemonade Stand on Thursday, June 30th to register for the TD Summer Reading Club, and Book Buck Bingo. We’ll enter your names into a draw to take place on July 11th. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners!


Library Gold Card holders will be entered into our system, so the benefits will not be transferable between patrons. That means, whoever owns the card will be the only person to reap the rewards.

No need to worry about forgetting to bring your Gold Card, either. Once you are in our system, it will automatically be activated.


We’re going “WILD” this summer, so this is a special program just for July and August. Once Summer Reading is finished, the Gold Cards will revert back to regular library cards.  But don’t worry, you’re all special to us every day of the year!



Book Bucks Galore!

20150804_190209It’s here! The last week to spend Book Bucks! If you have teen readers who were collecting their Book Bucks this summer, make sure to remind them to drop in anytime Monday to Saturday in order to spend them. Once this week is over, that’s it for this year!

We had a LOT of teen readers this summer, and it was fun seeing what they picked to cover the Book Buck Bingo squares. From books in a series, to books with a cyborg, our teen readers had to challenge themselves and read a bit outside the box in order to earn their Book Bucks.

For the first spending week, we took $87 book bucks in total. I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed what they purchased, too. We expect that number to probably triple this week. Hmmm….what exactly is in that “Secret Prize” worth $16??!!

Don’t worry…if your young reader didn’t get a chance to participate in this fantastic summer reading program, we’ll be doing it again next year! Only 11 more months to wait….


Who Won?

It’s the official end to our summer programs, and along with that, we’re drawing for the last of our prizes. What’s up for grabs?  For our young readers, it is this HUGE gift basket full of fun items like books, games, candy and toys!

20150826_104816For our teen readers, we’ve made the draw for our second signed book…Megan Crewe’s EARTH & SKY.

20150826_104757And for the adult summer readers, we’ve got another fantastic gift basket, filled with fun items!

20150826_104843Congratulations to all our winners this summer!

Thank You!

summerreadingclubThis was such a wonderful summer for us at the Carleton Place Public Library. We ran the TD Summer Reading Club for kids aged 0 – 11, Book Buck Bingo for our teens in Grade 5 and up, and we even had Adult Summer Reading. We built a giant TicTacToe game, and everyone played—it was a lot of fun!

We also ran our first ever Summer Literacy Tutoring program for children in Junior and Senior Kindergarten who needed some extra confidence-building with their reading. It was one of the most successful programs we’ve ever started, and we can’t wait to try it again next summer!

And throughout July and August, we ran 145 programs in the library! Can you believe it? What an amazing way to have fun! And when our community couldn’t come to us, we went to them, visiting local daycares and community centres a total of five times this summer for fun stories and songs!

While the staff at the library was wonderful in how they promoted programs, delivered programs, and encouraged people to continue reading, we couldn’t have done any of this without some very important community partners.

First up, we need to thank Kathy Boelsma and the Ontario Early Years Centre for all of the assistance with our first ever Summer Literacy Tutoring program. Your guidance, book suggestions, planning, and experience helped us to create something we could run that would benefit our youngest patrons, and give them some confidence and new skills to take back to school in the fall. We had such a great response from this–from both parents and participants–we can’t wait to do it again next summer. And hopefully, we’ll be able to expand the program in the near future to include more children, and a wider variety of grades.

Next, we must say a BIG thank you to the staff at the Mississippi Mills Public Library, and the Perth and District Union Public Library. We enjoyed being able to drop in to both libraries to view your literacy programs, hear from staff members how rewarding and exciting it is to run these types of programs, and learn from your training. We were able to offer a fantastic program right out of the gate because of your help.

We also can’t forget the staff at both Caldwell Street Public School and St. Gregory’s Catholic School, for taking time to assess students in Junior and Senior Kindergarten, for following up about our program with parents, and making recommendations to us at the library so that we could fill our literacy tutoring slots this afternoon.

We also have to thank our local TD Bank branch for putting up posters about the TD Summer Reading Club in their building. I’m sure it helped to reinforce our reading program, and also may have helped us to reach people who might never use the library.

It was such an exciting summer, and while we need a little recovery time, I’m sure we’ll start thinking about next summer very soon.

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Goodbye to Summer (students)!

This is it…the final week for our wonderful summer students, Sarah and Erica. We’re sad to see them go, but wish them all the best in the upcoming year!

girlsThank you for a WONDERFUL summer! We couldn’t have done it without either of you!

We’re Almost Finished!


While it’s hard to believe summer holidays are almost over for the kids, we’re happy to gear up for Fall programming soon. That said, this week is the LAST week of programs for kids at the library until the fall. If you haven’t signed up for something already, there’s still time, and a few spaces….but get going soon!

Sarah has done a marvelous job keeping the kids busy, learning, entertained, and reading! We had Lego days, scavenger hunts, Bingo, dinosaurs and safaris! And we had a huge number of readers taking part in the TD Summer Reading Club…..we’re not finished yet, and they’ve read close to 1000 books already.

While the literacy program finished last week, Erica is finishing up some reports and helping us with general library tasks this week. We’re so pleased with how well this program ran for our first summer, and the feedback we’ve received from parents and children who took part has also been positive.

If your teen missed the Book Bucks spending week last week, don’t fret…we’ll have another one in September.

For now, we hope everyone has had as much fun as we have, and we’re looking forward to offering up new, exciting programs this fall!

Yalp’s Friday Round Up!


This was a BUSY week for us at the library….and we were closed on Monday! It sure does make the days goes fast, however.

Yalp was in charge of fun, as usual, and the results were amazing. This week:

  • We participated in the Bridge Street Bazaar and gave out tons of creative buttons. Did you get yours?
  • We had a brand new round of literacy tutoring participants, and they are adding so many apples to the reading tree, I don’t know if there will be enough room for them all! Yay, readers!
  • Thursday was a Splash-tastic kind of day! If you heard lots of laughter coming from the park behind the library, it was likely our young participants in “Make A Splash” day!
  • Book Bundles continue to be popular in the TD Summer Reading Club. If you haven’t been to the library this summer, we have an amazing selection of bags full of books for the kids, all themed so that you can just drop in and pick up a bag. We’ve made picking books for the kids really easy!
  • Our DVD collection is growing, and recently we added movies like “It Follows”, “Woman in Gold”, “Get Hard”, and “The Duff”. Have you taken out a movie lately?

If you’re looking for things for the kids to do next week, we have plenty going on. Drop in and pick up a calendar or simply come by to take out a movie, participate in our weekly I Spy game, or use our free WiFi. We’d love to see you!