From the mouth of a child

One of the best things we heard last week came from the mouth of a three-year-old.  Her mom told us they had a family friend visiting that morning as they were getting ready to come to storytime.

FRIEND: What do you do at storytime?

GIRL: Well, when we get there, it’s already started…

Mom promised they’d get here early next week.

But seriously, we don’t mind when anyone arrives. We welcome everyone in to join us, whether we’re in the middle of a story, waking up our fingers and toes, or doing a hearty rendition of Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

This fun program for children aged 2 – 5 runs through the end of April, so there is still plenty of time to attend a few sessions. Give us a call at 257-2702 to register your child. We’d love to see you!

STORYTIME = Wednesday mornings, 10am

Fall Asleep

We can all remember a time when we’d climb into bed and mom or dad would read us a story to relax us and send us off into dreamland. (In fact, I remember my niece complaining to her mother one day that she hated the stories she read to her each night because they never had endings. She fell asleep before that point, but didn’t know it.)

When you become an adult, it’s much harder to “turn off” at night. Imagine if there was a way we could listen to calm, sleep inducing stories right before nodding off. The creators of the app called “Calm” have done just that. Roping in great storytellers as well as fantastic, soothing readers, the Calm app is adding to their list of adult calm short stories almost daily.

Author and adventurer Phoebe Smith is just one of the people contributing to this new idea, and her story “Blue Gold” has been listened to more than 15 million times so far. She’s a travel writer by day, but she loves writing these calming sleep stories as well. You can hear an interview with Smith here talking about how she got into this newfound idea.

While the Calm app is free to download and you can listen to several stories as a bit of a trial, most of the stories and add-ons cost anywhere from about $1.50- $399. The app isn’t just about stories, however. Once you set up your account, you have access to a daily calm message to help you ease into the day, meditation routines, sleep sounds and even masterclasses in relaxation. It’s an interesting all-purpose app to help you unwind, get centered, and add value to your day…as well as a bedtime story.

Some of the free stories are also available on YouTube to try out, so go give those a whirl first and see if it’s something you’d like before investing in the app and the add-ons. It sounds like a snoozefest…in the best way!

Storytime in 2019!

We’re thinking about Storytime again, and that means it’s time to sign up. Storytime is a fun weekly program for children aged 2-5 years old, and their parent or caregiver. We read books, sing songs, and do lots of fun early literacy activities!

Storytime runs Wednesday mornings from 10-1:30am. Registration is a must because spaces are limited, so give us a call today if you’d like to sign your little one up. (And don’t worry, we have actual people reading the books.)

257-2702 for more information.

Happy Labour Day!

We might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s going on this fall at the library! Check out our latest Fall calendar for kids, and the one for teens and adults. We have plenty of great things coming up—most require registration, so please make note of the dates to start signing up, as things will fill up quickly!


We’re getting ready for another fun season of storytime! While we used to offer two sessions, this fall we’re going back to ONE session at 10am on Wednesdays. It will be busy, but we’re looking forward to seeing everyone together!

Storytime is for children aged 2 – 5. We sing songs, read some great books, do early literacy skills, and much more. It’s always a busy morning, and we love having kids in the library when we’re not open.

As usual, registration is a must, and we’re starting the sign-ups today. Give us a call to get your child’s name on the list for the first session—it will fill up quickly. And please remember, we’ll be signing up on a week to week basis in order to give everyone a chance to attend. If you register but can’t make it, please remember to call us so that we can let someone else on the waiting list attend.

See you in September!



It’s the last storytime session of summer! Don’t worry…we’re not taking a break for long, but this is the last chance you’ll get to hear Miranda deliver some great stories, and do some songs. We’re wrapping up all of our summer programs this week (except for summer reading), and we’ll be back in the first few weeks of September. Our fall programming schedule will be out soon, so watch for that.

Until then, make sure you’re signed up for today! Give us a call….storytime starts at 10am.