We’re Writing Again!

Write a Novelin 30 days!Libraries are all about books, and what better place to write a book than at the library!

Did you know the Carleton Place Public Library has a writers’ group? We’ve been meeting for over two years now, and many of our writers have written books, been published, and are looking to help others in our community join in the fun

If you want to know more about our project to write books in November as part of National Novel Writing Month, join us on Tuesday, October 18 from 6-7pm to find out more. Meet members of the CP Library Writers Group, find out about our website, and learn all about writing a book in 30 days. It’s possible…and a lot of fun!


Please call to register, or drop by the library to pick up your writing kit if you can’t make it to the Kick Off meeting. We’d love to have new members!

Carleton Place Library Writers’ Group!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you’ll know that the Carleton Place Public Library has a very active and prolific writers’ group. It all began out of the need for a creative and engaging space to try writing a novel, and what better way than to participate in National Novel Writing Month? It was a cool April in 2014 when we started our group, and we haven’t looked back.

picklesNow, we’re excited to announce the Carleton Place Library Writers’ Group has its own blog! We are expecting to post member news, contests, NaNoWriMo events and more here, so make sure to drop by and add this blog to your list if you’d like to stay in the loop.

So far, we’ve announced the blog, shared some exciting news about a recent member’s first book publication, and begun some fun “About Us” pages. Click on the link to see more about our group. We’ll be adding lots more info about everyone as the month progresses, too!

And if you’re a part of our Carleton Place community and love to write, why not subscribe to our page or drop us a line? We’d love to get to know you and see you at one of our next writing events!





What’s Going On?

Summer StorytimeThis is a fun week for us at the library. We’re starting ALL of our summer programs! That also means our reading programs have begun. But wait…what can you do this week at the library?

  • Participate in an art class with the amazing Matt MacKay!
  • Take part in a fun crafting program for kids on Tuesday or Thursday (see calendar for schedule)
  • Sign up for Storytime for Wednesday
  • Join the Young Writers on Wednesday
  • Meet up with our adult writers for our first Camp NaNoWriMo meeting of the summer on Tuesday afternoon
  • Adults can also do a FUN craft on Thursday mornings!
  • Take in a MOVIE on Thursday afternoon! (It’s going to be a fun, cool place for the kids)
  • Toddler sessions begin Thursday mornings
  • Join us for Une Heure de Conte en Francais on Friday morning
  • Friday afternoon is all about the Lego!

All of these programs can be found in our calendar at the top of this page, or on our website at http://carletonplacelibrary.ca

But…..we also have THESE fun things you can participate in when you drop by the library anytime….

  • Fill out a ballot to win a library gold card (that means no fines all summer)
  • Donate your dimes to our “Adopt a Giraffe” program
  • Read some of our “Wild” trivia placed all around the library
  • Pick up an ADULT summer reading kit and maybe win a great prize!
  • Find the weekly I Spy search
  • Fill out ballots to win signed books in the Teen area, or our weekly prize!

If you have any questions, give us a call at the library today at 257-2702. We’re going to have a wild summer!

Camp Kick-Off!

at theCarleton Place Public LibraryTonight is our Camp NaNoWriMo Kick-Off party!  We’re going to be getting together tonight for one hour from 6-7pm to talk about ways to prepare for writing that novel in July, as well as cheering each other on and hearing about the upcoming projects.

July will be a fun month of writing, whether you’re working on your first novel, or your twenty-first. And if you can’t make it to hear more about how it works, you can pick up a Camp NaNoWriMo kit at the front desk which will tell you everything you need to know in order to write something great this summer.

Camp NaNoWriMo in July

Once again, we’re getting ready to start writing novels in July. Camp NaNoWriMo is one of our favourite months, and July is especially fun.  We’re kicking it all off with a fun session on Tuesday, June 21st from 6-7pm, and then we’ll start writing on July 1st.

If you’re interested in trying to write a novel in 30 days, or simply want a great group for support, then give us a try. We have an active writing group and we’ll meet weekly in July to support each other, cheer everyone on, and write lots of words.

at theCarleton Place Public LibraryWe have registration kits available at the front desk for anyone who might not be able to attend the meetings. Drop by to pick one up…it will tell you everything you need to know about the program and how you can participate.

Happy Writing!

A Library Book Launch!

51y22LEWRDL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Did you know our library has an active writers group, and now….a published author! Sharon Holzscherer penned PATTERNS OF DISORDER during one of our National Novel Writing Month events, and has just published it through Amazon! We’re so pleased that she has chosen to hold her book launch here at the library on Tuesday, June 28th at 1pm! Sharon will share a bit about her journey to publication–including how she managed to stay so motivated in order to get this book to a finished product–and will have copies available for purchase on the day of the event that she will be signing.

PATTERNS OF DISORDER is a mind bending thriller, sure to keep you on the edge of her seat. Here is the Amazon blurb:

Sharon Holzscherer has written thousands of words about education and education reform. Here is her first foray into the conspiracy/mystery world of fiction. Drawing from her vast experience with learning disabilities, she weaves a story of a massive conspiracy in the most unlikely of arenas. Patterns of Disorder combines action and tension with thought provoking questions about the modern world’s reaction to children with ADHD. Are children just being active children or is there something more happening? Peter Marcus looks through volumes of data to find patterns. That is his job. But recently the pattern that is emerging has an ominous hue. Scientists studying aspects of childhood learning disabilities are being manipulated all over the world. Some are turning up dead. Pulled unwillingly from his secure lab into a secret world of powerful forces, violent methods, and unlimited resources, Marcus is swept deeper into a nightmare. Patterns of Disorder illuminates the power of one person’s obsession and the dangerous unforeseen results. More than just a novel of murder and conspiracy, this book raises fundamental issues about the direction of humanity.


This will be a really fun afternoon, with many of our local writing group coming out to support her debut launch. We are hard at work on our own site to let fellow community members and patrons know more about all of the fun and struggle our writers go through each year, so stay tuned for more information on that.  But if you’re interested in picking up Sharon’s book, finding out more about her work, or want to learn more about our group, please plan to attend the launch on June 28th!

If you can’t make it to her launch, you can pick up her book free for download on Kindle (or for a small fee for Canadians), or purchase a hard copy of her book here.

Congratulations, Sharon!