THE SISTERS BROTHERS by Patrick DeWitt has gone on to sell over 150,000 copies in Canada alone since its release in 2011. And all attention is justified. The book follows the story of two brothers and their journey to California during the gold rush, and it is as funny as it is engrossing. DeWitt captured the oft-times wacky relationship between these two brothers as well as informing readers about the dangerous gold rush period. This is a contemporary western, worthy of all of the awards and accolades it received…and now it’s going to be a movie!

I’m reserving my seats now!


What is Amy Adams doing?

If you like Amy Adams, you’ll be happy to know that she’s starring in two of the biggest selling book to movie adaptations in the very near future.  First up for her is Gillian Flynn’s SHARP OBJECTS, a very dark thriller about a reporter who returns to her home town to cover a grisly murder. And it’s just been announced that she’ll play the lead role in the film based on A.J. Finn’s THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW,a best-seller last year.

Both will be sure to draw in the book fans, and hopefully, their adaptations will be as true to the novels as possible.

Will you go to see either one of these? Did you read the books? Leave us a comment below…we’d love to hear what you think!

What If They Were Movies First?

Several years ago on the blog, we posted the question “What if books were movies first?”, talking about books that had been made into movies that went on to box office riches. But often, those movies aren’t as good as the book (as you’ll hear any reader tell you), many times leaving out what readers think are important parts of the story just to fit it into the required movie time frame.

But what if a book that you loved was a movie first? Think of the big winners like “Titanic”, or “Star Wars”.  Do you think you would have fallen in love with Jack and Rose on the pages in the same way that you did sitting in that darkened theatre? Or cheered for Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, or felt the adventure in the same way? Probably not. In fact, you might not have even gone to see the movie afterward.

After all the talk about Best Picture winner “The Shape of Water”, I immediately put my name on the holds list at our library for the movie. But–as with most of the new releases–there’s been a bit of a wait. So I was super excited when a book showed up based on the movie. Written by director Guillermo del Toro and co-authored with Daniel Kraus, I couldn’t wait to dive right in!

And then….I started reading.

Honestly, after 50 pages, I gave up. The story is interesting, and I think on the big screen, this probably works really, really well. (Hey, all those Oscar voters and moviegoers can’t be wrong, right?). But I found the book confusing, and filled with strange details that didn’t seem to do anything for the story except try to make it tantalizing? Maybe I didn’t give it enough time. Or maybe I’m just not in the right headspace for this type of book, but I can’t wait to see the movie to find out if it’s just another one of those over-hyped pictures, or something that needs to be seen and experienced, rather than read.

Have you seen the movie? Read the book? What are your feelings on this idea? Lets us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

It is Popular

One of the most requested new movies at the library is the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. We know that people are eager to get it, but the waiting list was long from the moment we ordered, and it doesn’t seem to get any shorter. Right now, there are 11 people on the waiting list, which means, if everyone were to keep it out for the one-week loan period, it’ll be about 3 months before the last person on the list gets to see it.

Now, while that might seem like a long time in this age of instant download and streaming video, but for those who frequented our last local video store, this might now be their only option. Why don’t we purchase extra copies of popular movies, the same way we do for highly-requested books? There are a couple of reasons.

First, we have limited space for our DVD collection. While circulation of new and popular movies allows us to stock lots of back titles, BBC selections, documentaries, and more, the shelves are still only so big. We also need similar space behind the desk for the actual disks, and if you frequent the library, you’ll know that space is quite limited.

Secondly, DVDs tend to get damaged much faster than books. It wouldn’t be cost effective for us to keep replacing popular titles after only a few checkouts, although we’d love to be able to do that!

So, thank you for being patient while you wait for your titles to arrive. We appreciate it. And don’t forget, you can search our online catalog and place holds on ANYTHING you see, even if it isn’t available yet. The sooner you get on a list, the sooner you’ll get your movie.

What’s Popular?

It’s always interesting to see what books are popular in the library during a given time. While all the new books have holds on them long before they arrive in the library, sometimes another book can surpass the requests, just because it is so good. But for the months of December and January, our popular books weren’t really any surprise.

John Grisham’s THE ROOSTER BAR took the lead with checkouts. Not far behind were James Patterson, Danielle Steel, and David Baldacci. Thrillers and the odd romance are what our readers want!

In the non-fiction realm, cookbooks took the lead. That’s no surprise, considering many people were baking up a storm for the holidays, and now our super popular Cookbook Book Club has started.

ISTANBUL & BEYOND: EXPLORING THE DIVERSE CUISINES OF TURKEY by Robyn Eckhardt was the most popular non-fiction checkout by far, followed by DUTCH FEAST by Emily Wight. How great is it that people are exploring exotic cuisine!

The third book in the running (all three non-fiction books had the same number of checkouts), was WOMEN & POWER : A MANIFESTO by Mary Beard. A sign of the times, I think.

And in our ever popular DVD department, new releases were the most borrowed, which is really no surprise. Have you seen these movies?

Only time will tell what will be the most popular fiction, non-fiction and movies of the next few months. Stay tuned! (And don’t be afraid to place a hold on anything you see here that might interest you. All you need is your library card and your PIN.)



When THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne was released in 2009, people couldn’t get their hands on it fast enough. The book claimed to hold simple “rules” to getting whatever you wanted in life. And it remained on the Best Seller list for three years, sparking rumours of a movie version of the self-help tome.

But it never seemed to happen. An Australian company produced a movie, but it was never released in the US and fizzled locally. Here we are, several years later, and a big budget version starring Katie Holmes is going to be made and released in the US.

Since this is a non-fiction, self-help book, the movie version will feature a lovely family story about a single mother who hires a handyman to fix her home. While he works, he regales the young widow with his beliefs about gathering the things you want from the Universe by simply asking for them. The producers hope it will not only satisfy the longtime fans of THE SECRET, but also to “ripple out and and touch millions more people in the world”.

Have you read THE SECRET? Were you a fan when it first came out? Did you follow the guide in order to bring things to you? If you did, are you excited about this movie? We’d love to hear your thoughts!